Ktransit Update History

Below is the full history of updates of this website. Kavanagh Transit Photos started in 1999, the name ktransit.com came into being in 2001. The site has come a long way,..

May 2024

  • Updated Transit City: Portland, OR with 271 added photos of MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail, Willamette Shore Trolley, Vintage Trolley, and buses
  • Updated Transit City: Phoenix, AZ with 23 added photos of Light Rail, Airport Tram and Buses
  • New Transit City: Tempe, AZ with 26 photos of the Tempe Streetcar

August 2022

  • Updated Transit City: Washington DC with 299 photos of the Metro, streetcar, buses & VRE commuter rail
  • Updated Transit City: Baltimore MD, with 82 photos of SubwayLink, Light Rail & Buses

July 2022

  • Updated Transit City: Orlando, FL with 41 photos of Disney Monorail, SunRail, & buses. 

June 2022

  • Updated Transit City: New York, NY with 103 new photos of PATH Trains
  • Updated Transit City:  Miami, FL, with 88 new photos of Metrorail, Metromover & Tri-Rail
  • Updated Transit City:  Newark, NJ with 83 new photos of Newark Light Rail (City Subway)
  • Updated Transit City: San Juan, Puerto Rico with 53 new photos of Tren Urbano and buses

May 2022

  • Updated Transit City: Seattle, WA with 143 new photos of Light Rail, Streetcars, Buses and Commuter Rail

March, 2022

  • New Transit City: Geneva, Switzerland with 307 photos of trams, trolleybuses and commuter rail.

February, 2022

  • New Transit City: Charlotte, NC with 81 photos of light rail, streetcar and buses
  • New Transit City: Norfolk, VA, with 37 photos of light rail
  • Updated transit city: Jacksonville, FL with 20 photos of the Skyway

October 2021

  • New Transit City: Alberquerque/Santa Fe, NM with 9 photos of commuter rail
  • New Transit City: El Reno, OK with 4 pictures of the heritage trolley
  • Updated transit city: Phoenix with 100 photos of Light rail
  • Updated transit city: Fort Collins with 8 photos of the trolley
  • Updated transit city: Salt Lake City, with 32 photos of Light rail, streetcar, commuter rail and buses

September 2021

  • New Transit city: Oklahoma City with 42 photos of its streetcar
  • New Transit city: Kansas City, MO, with 94 photos of it streetcar, and buses
  • Updated city: Denver, CO: with 114 photos light rail, commuter rail, and buses

September 2020

  • Updated Transit City: Paris France with 384 photos including Metro, RER and Trams

August 2020

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

April 2020

March 2020

  • Updated Transit City: Tokyo, Japan with 237 photos of the Tokyo subway, mostly the Ginza line.
  • NEW Transport Museum: Glasgow Riverside Museum with 44 photos, including trams, subway, & trains

January 2020

  • NEW Transport Museum: MOTAT, Auckland NZ with 80 photos, including trams, trains, planes, autos and more

November 2019

October 2019

  •  NEW Transit City: Sydney Australia with 397 photos of Sydney Trains, Trams, Ferries and Buses.

September 2019

  • Updated City: London, UK with 609 new photos including the Tube, DLR, Tramlink, commuter trains and more!

August 2019

  • NEW CITY: Auckland, NZ with 36 photos including commuter trains and buses
  • NEW CITY: Birmingham, UK with 57 photos of light rail and commuter trains
  • NEW CITY: Bridgenorth, UK with 11 photos of the cliff railway
  • NEW CITY: Stourbridge, UK with 18 photos or the Parry Shuttle train
  • NEW CITY: Wellington, NZ with 68 photos of the Cable Car, Commuter Trains and buses
  • Moving more portions of the website to the responsive section, and more simplified design for non-responsive portion.

July 2019

  • NEW CITY: Cincinnati, OHwith 29 photos including the modern Streetcar and abandoned subway
  • NEW CITY:  Fort Collins, CO with 12 photos of the heritage trolley operation
  • Updated City: Sacramento, CAwith 24 photos of Light Rail
  • Updated City: Salt Lake City, UT with 16 photos of TRAX light rail and S-Line streetcar
  • Updated City: San Jose, CA with 61 photos of VTA Light Rail and ACE Commuter Rail

February 2019

  • NEW CITY: Hong Kong (282 Photos) MTR, HK Tramways, Light Rail, and Victoria Peak Tram

January 2019

  • Updated City: San Francisco (254 photos) BART, CalTrain, SMART, OAK-AirBART

  • Moved Site Updates to the responsive portion of the website

December 2018

  • Updated City:  San Francisco (460 photos) MUNI: Metro, Streetcars, Cable cars & Buses

June 2018

May 2018

April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

November 2017

  • Updated City: Tokyo, Japan: (348 photos) Subways, Monorails, AGTs

October 2017 

  • Family pages > Reformatted Family Pets to responsive website

July 2017    197  new photos

  • Fixed San Fransisco pages
  • Updated City: London, UK: (197 photos) Underground, overground, DLR, Bus

April 2017    474  new photos

March 2017     182  new photos

    • Moved ktransit.com to a different web host
    • “Front-end of the website change to a modern responsive/Wordpress design
    • Fixed look of the “traditional” part of the website (all 2500+ pages)
    • Updated City: Portland, OR: (182 photos) Light Rail, Commuter Rail

May 2016      614 new photos

    • Updated City: New Orleans (74 photos) streetcars
    • Updated City: Orlando (106 photos) Monorail, excursion train, horsecar, bus and more
    • Updated City: Miami (5 photos) Commuter Rail
    • New City: Austin, TX (10 photos) Commuter Rail
    • Updated City: Dallas, TX (289 photos) Light Rail, 2 Commuter Rail, 2 Streetcars, Airport and APT
    • Updated City: Houston, TX (130 photos) Light Rail, Airport
    • Refreshed all US South Cities
    • Refreshed all US Central Cities

March 2016      297 new photos

  • New Transit City: Sendai, Japan (53 photos) Metro
  • New Transit City: Toyohashi, Japan (41 photos) Tram
  • Updated Transit City: Kyoto, Japan (148 new photos) Subway, Tram, Bus, Commuter
  • Updated Transit City: Nagoya, Japan (55 new photos) Subway, Commuter
  • Continuing to refresh the website

February 2016      234 new photos

  • New Transit City: Stockholm, Sweden (234 photos) Metro, trams and commuter
  • Continuing to refresh site look. Most transit city pages refreshed, but individual system pages have not been

January 2016     165 new photos

  • New Transit City: Copenhagen, Denmark (101 photos) Metro and Commuter
  • New Transit City: Bergen, Norway (64 photos) Light Rail, Trolleybus, Funicular
  • Re-worked Paris Pages, especially Paris Metro, no new photos
  • Focused on refreshing Europe Transit pages, but Germany and Czech Republic not completed

February 2015

January 2015

  • Updated Transit City: Singapore (86 photos) Metro

December 2014

November 2014

  • New Country added: China
  • Updated Transit City:
    • Shanghai (247 photos) Metro, Maglev, Tram, Busses
  • I am no longer using MS Frontpage. I am converting site to MS Expressions, not a simple task. The China section is using the new look I intend to propogate throughout the website. The header bar is being refreshed, and the side navigation bar has a new look.

May 2014

January 2014

November 2013

  • New Transit City Added
    • Singapore (273 photos) MRT, LRT, Monorail, Airport, Busses

September 2013

July 2013

  • Updated Transit Cities
    • Denver, CO (135 photos) Light Rail, Commuter, Busses, Airport

June 2013

April 2013

  • Updated Transit Cities
    • Portland (54 photos) – Streetcar, including new Eastside Loop
    • Portland (20 photos) – Light Rail
    • Portland (4 photos) – OHSU Tram

March 2013

  • Updated Transit Cities
    • Anaheim (48 photos): Disneyland Monorail, California Adventure Red Car trolley
    • Los Angeles (35 Photos): Light Rail and Subway

January 2013 (449)


November 2012 (240)

  • New Transit Photos (240 in total)
    • Dresden (240): Trams, Funiculars, Steam Railway
  • Added Red Cross Donation link to NY metro area transit pages due to Hurricane Sandy

September 2012 (138)

  • New Transit Photos (138 in total)
    • NEW CITY: Prague (131 photos): Trams, Metro, Funicular
    • Portland (7 photos) – Light Rail

February 2012 (213)

December 2011 (360)

  • The biggest single update to ktransit.com to date!!
  • New Transit Photos
    • Chicago (360 photos) All Chicago ‘L’
      • The ‘L’ is about 10% of all transit photos on this website!

August 2011 (235)

July 2011 (223)

  • New Transit Photos
    • Portland (118 photos) – Light Rail, Vintage Trolley
    • Boston (67 photos) – Subway, Light Rail, Trolley Bus
    • New York, NY (38 Photos) – Subway
  • Other
    • Update ALL Portland Light Rail station pages for consistency and general refresh. Ktransit is proud to have photos of EVERY station on the MAX Light Rail system!

April 2011 (275)

  • New Transit Photos
  • New Mainline Railway Photos
  • Other
    • Added links to American Red Cross and Salvation Army for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief to several Japan related webpages

February 2011 (296)

December 2010

  • New Transit Photos
    • Dresden (78 Photos)  – S-Bahn, Strassenbahn, Narrow Gauge Steam

June 2010

  • New Transit Photos
    • NEW CITY: Munich (75 Photos)  – U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Strassenbahn

April 2010

  • New Transit Photos
    • NEW CITY: Vienna (217 Photos) – U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Strassenbahn

December 2009

  • New Transit Photos
    • Phoenix (90 photos) – Light Rail- reorganized
    • Portland (75 photos) – Light Rail – Added Green Line
    • Seattle (24 photos) – New Light Rail opened

October 2009

August 2009

  • New Transit Photos

June 2009

  • New Transit Photos
    • Paris with 268 photos, the largest single city update in ktransit history!

April 2009

February 2009

  • New Transit Photos
    • Portland, OR with 40 photos, including the new WES Commuter Rail!
    • Salt Lake City, UT with 15 photos, including new Front Runner Commuter Rail

December 2008

October 2008

September 2008

June 2008

April 2008

  • NEW CITY: Brussels, Belgium with 32 photos (Metro, Pre-Metro & Trams)
  • Added 109 transit photos to Dresden, Germany (Trams, S-Bahn & Funiculars)
  • Continuing site refresh
  • Adjusted directory structure

March 2008

January 2008

  • Added 5 transit photos to Sacramento (Light Rail)
  • Added 31 transit photos to Seattle, including the new streetcar
  • Added 8 transit photos to Portland (Streetcar)
  • Added 4 transit photos to Las Vegas (The MAX BRT)
  • Added 6 transit photos to Phoenix (Building Light rail)
  • Continuing to refresh pages

November 2007

  • NEW CITY: St. Louis, MO, with 112 new photos!
  • NEW CITY: Memphis, TN with 103 new photos
  • NEW CITY: Little Rock, AR with 23 photos
  • Added 7 photos to Atlanta, GA
  • Change around a few states between Lake States/Central States and Southern states to try to bring more balance.
  • Continuing to refresh various pages.
  • Added YouTube links to videos I have
  • Added YouTube Adsense viewer on home page as a test.

August 2007

  • Added 5 photos to Airliners
  • Added 45 photos to San Francisco
  • Continuing to refresh website, fix spelling, grammar and updating information. Hope to complete refresh by November 2007.

May 2007

  • Added 8 photo to Portland Transit, including new Aerial tram
  • Added 2 photos to Phoenix Transit
  • Added 3 photos to Las Vegas Transit added with 26 photos
  • Continuing to update older pages first to new font and width, fixing grammar, updating information. This is a long process

April 2007

  • NEW CITY: Cleveland, OH with 14 photos
  • NEW CITY: Dayton, OH, with 5 photos
  • Added 9 photos to Phoenix Transit
  • Added 63 photos to Airliners
  • Updated several Transit City pages with new data
  • Started using Tahoma font to give a more “modern” appearance on various webpages.

March 2007

November 2006

  • Added Transit Photos to the following Cities

June 2006

March 2006

  • Added 17 photos to Airliners (mostly NWA)
  • Started re-organizing the airliner section
  • Added home page note as to the lost of my dog Flame

February 2006

November 2005

September 2005

  • Fixed numerous spelling, grammar and link mistakes.
  • Finished adding comments to Chicago
  • Re-arranged Transit/Railroad Museum photo section, prepping for additional museums
  • Re-arranged some links pages
  • Re-arranged Bridges section, prepping for adding more bridges
  • Prepping Airliner section for adding aviation museums

August 2005

June 2005

June 2005

May 2005

March 2005

  • Still makes subtle changes throughout the website
  • Added 36 photos to Portland, including the new Portland Streetcar Riverplace Extension, and various MAX and Vintage trolley photos. Plus special addition of photos of Meier & Frank Santaland Monorail
  • Added 2 photos to NYC area bridges (Verrazano & Triboro)
  • Added 10 photos to the World Trade Center reconstruction.

February 2005

  • Change web server providers. Now main site is all on one server, will be phasing out subwaymark.bravepages.com & trainweb.org/subwaymark.
  • Still may have issues with cross-linking, am working on this, but it is a slow process.
  • Added Google Ads to help offset the costs of running this website.
  • Moved Astoria Riverfront Trolley from Museums to PNW Transit
  • Moved Issaquah Trolley from Museums to PNW Transit

January 2005

  • Added 59 photos to Chicago, mostly CTA
  • Added 39 photos to Minneapolis, mostly new airport extension of the Hiawatha Light Rail Line

December 2004

November 2004

  • Added 2 photos to San Francisco (Caltrain)
  • Added 18 photos to San Jose (Capitol Light Rail extension
  • Added 5 photos to

July 2004

June 2004

  • Added 23 photos to Portland MAX
  • Added 1 photos to San Jose, CA
  • Added 3 photos to San Francisco, CA Transit, including BART, ETB’s, MUNI PCC’s.
  • Added 8 photos to Sacramento, CA Transit
  • Added 30 transit photos, and re-organized Salt Lake City
  • NEW CITY: Added 6 transit photos to Tucson, AZ
  • Re-arranged links and added 45 more.
  • NOTE: I now am highlighting the back of photos that are new so the viewer can easily define which are the new photos on any given page.

May 2004

  • Added 68 transit photos to Los Angeles including the new Light Rail Gold Line, San Pedro Trolley, Farmers Market Trolley, Red Line Subway, Light Rail Blue and Green Lines.
  • Added 4 photos to Portland MAX
  • Added 8 photos to San Jose, CA
  • Added 31 photos to  San Francisco, CA Transit, including BART, ETB’s, MUNI PCC’s.
  • Added 2 photos to Sacramento, CA Transit

March 2004


December 2003

  • Added 6 photos to San Jose, CA transit plus reorganized the light rail pages.
  • Added 30 new photos to Airliners, including Northwest Airlines newest A330. Also updated the planes by type pages.

September 2003

September 2003

  • Added 8 photos to the World Trade Center
  • Awarded Bronze Smokin Web Award and Golden Web Awards 

August 2003

July 2003

May 2003

April 2003

March 2003

February 2003

  • Split up US into 6 regions, Northeast, South, Great Lakes, Central, Northwest and California.
  • Continues to work on center justification, about 80% complete
  • Changed format of facts and figures to side column, about 80% complete
  • Added photos to New York City, including finally adding LIRR with 5 photos, and 3 photos to the NY Subway
  • Added 20 transit photos to Salt Lake City
  • Added 3 Bridges photos
  • Added 5 photos to the World Trade Center  section

January 2003

  • Added new Transit City: Tacoma, WA, with 8 new photos
  • Added 49 transit photos to Seattle
  • Added 6 transit photos to Portland
  • Started changing the webpages to center justification, changed side navigation and widen each page slightly. About 50% complete.
  • Put Portland and San Francisco in their own directories for easier file handling.
  • Moved Family pages within this website due to ATTBI and Comcast merger.

November 2002

October 2002

September 2002

bulletAdded Jacksonville, FL Transit with 10 photos bulletAdded 25 photos to New York City Transit bullet4 Staten Island Transit bullet14 NJ Transit, plus re-organized bullet7 Metro-North, plus re-organized bulletAdded 4 photos to Newark bulletAdded 16 photos to Portland bulletAdded 7 photos to Amtrak bulletStarted to try different side navigation bar. bulletAdded Guest Map to Feedback Section

June 2002

bulletAdded Toronto Transit with 46 new photos bulletAdded Buffalo transit with 7 photos bulletAdded Halton County Radial Railway Museum in Museums

April 2002

bulletAdded the following Museums: Connecticut Trolley Museum, Illinois Railway Museum, Arizona Street Railway Museum. bulletAdded 4 Photos to Portland Transit bulletAdded 1 Photo to Newark Transit bulletAdded 3 Photos to New York City bulletAdded 5 photos to Jersey City Transit bulletAdded Detroit Transit with 6 Photos bulletMade East US, Eastern Seaboard States only

Feb-March 2002

bulletRe-organized Tokens/Farecards bulletAdded 16 US and 6 Europe Token/Farecard images bulletAdded 7 US Mainline photos (2002 Winter Olympic train) bulletAdded 18 images to Newark Transit bulletHeavily Re-organized Portland MAX Light Rail Pages bulletAdded 30 new Portland Transit Photos bulletMoved Salt Lake City Transit from US West to US Central to try to re-balance the sections. US West only consists of California, Oregon & Washington. bulletChanged page headers

January 2002

I apologize for problems with my website over the past 3~4 months. I was sent out of town from early September to mid-December, which caused problems with updating my site. Then @Home decided to bankrupt, and AT&T decided to switch ISP. This caused 20% of my website to go down. With this update my site should be 100% up and problems with links should be all fixed. Thank you for your patience.

bulletCompleted the re-organization of San Francisco bulletAdded 28 photos to San Francisco bulletAdded 10 photos to San Jose bulletAdded 5 Photos to New York City. bulletAdded 5 Photos to Portland. bulletAdded Niles Canyon Railway to Museums with 4 photos bulletAdded 7 photos to Western Railway Museum in Museums bulletAdded 17 photos to Airliners

October 2001

bulletMoved some photo sections to Webshots bulletAdded World Trade Center Tribute to Family Website bulletAdded 58 photos to San Francisco. bulletStarted re-organizing San Francisco pages bulletAdded 8 photos to Sacramento bulletAdded 3 photos to Portland bulletAdded 4 photos to San Jose bulletAdded San Jose History Park (Kelley Park) to Museums with 10 photos bulletAdded California State Railway Museum to Museums with 4 photos bulletAdded Edmonton Radial Railway Society to Museums with 7 photos

September 2001

bulletAdded 6 new light rail photos to Jersey City bulletAdded 32 subway photos to New York City bulletAdded 17 Newark City Subway photos covering the transition from PCC’s to bulletAdded one new Amtrak Photo of an Acela Train (not very good one though) bulletAdded 7 new photos in the Airliner Section bulletAdded 5 photos of the Issaquah Valley Trolley to Transit/Railroad Museum Section

August 2001

bulletAdded 20 new photos to Portland, including 12 of the new streetcar opening day. bulletAdded 14 photos to Denver bulletAdded 18 photos to Salt Lake City bulletAdded the following Museums: Forney Museum, Pike Peak Historical Street Railway

July 2001

bulletAdded 1 new photo to Boeing Aircraft. bulletAdded more 6 more photos to Portland bulletAdded the following Museums: NY Transit, Western Railway, Tokyo Subway, Tokyo Transportation, Modern Transport, Yokohama Trolley bulletAdded more links bulletChanged home page map again

June 2001

bulletNEW SECTION ADDED: Transit and Rail Museums from around the world. London Transport Museum and Oregon Electric Railway Museum are the first two museums, more to come. bulletNEW SECTION ADDED: Airliner Photos, these are photographs of commercial passenger aircraft sorted by manufacturer. bulletAdded several photos to Portland bulletAdded 5 photos to Chicago bulletChanged the Kavanagh Transit Home Page Map bulletChanged the top and bottom headers for latest additions

April 2001

bulletChanged all the page headers and the side navigation bars for a cleaner look. bulletAdded 5 photos to London bulletAdded 13 photos to Portland bulletAdded 5 photos to San Diego

March 2001

bulletAdded 10 photos to Portland Oregon, including breaking news photos to the Portland Streetcar project! bulletAdded 2 photos to San Diego bulletAdded 1 photo to San Jose bulletAdded 33 photos to San Francisco bulletAdded Portland Movie Filming with MAX page bulletAdded a total of 48 photos to London bullet21 for the London Underground bullet9 for Croydon Tramlink bullet6 for Docklands Light Rail bullet8 for Commuter Lines bullet4 for London Buses bulletUpdated data for several metro systems bulletContinued to increase the width of web pages to around 680 pixels wide from 640. bulletSlightly reorganized the links pages, particularly railfan and trolley museums. bulletAdded 23 new links, mostly London related.

February 2001

bulletAdded 28 new Links to other Transit & Railroad Websites. bulletStarted adjusting to a slightly wider web pages (680 pixels vs. 640 pixels) Hopefully this does not affect to many users. bulletAdded 17 new photos to Dallas and broke up the DART light rail section. bulletAdded 1 new photo to Fort Worth bulletAdded London pages for new photos to be added 03/01

January 2001

bulletStarted adding new digital photographs (Digital photos are denoted with a dig.; video captures with a vid.; if neither are present, the image has been scanned from a print). bulletCorrected grammar and spelling on many pages. bulletBroke up Amtrak photos into smaller sections bulletAdded 2 photos to Amtrak California bulletAdded following transit pages bulletNewark Airport Monorail bulletOsaka Commuter Rail bulletOrlando Transit (Disney World Monorail) bulletDisneyland Monorail bulletSan Diego Commuter Rail bulletBroke up the following transit pages further bulletNew York/New Jersey bulletBaltimore bulletTokyo bulletOsaka bulletAdded the following transit photos in Europe bullet4 photos to Amsterdam bullet2 photos to Den Haag bulletAdded the following photos to US East Coast bullet1 photo to Atlanta bullet4 photos to Baltimore bullet5 photos to Boston bullet4 photos to Jersey City bullet19 photos to NY Metro Area bullet8 photos to Newark bullet7 photos to Philadelphia bulletAdded the following photos to US West Coast bullet1 photo to Los Angeles bullet13 photos to Portland bullet10 photos to San Diego bulletAdded the following photos to Japan bullet2 photos to Hiroshima bullet1 photo to Kyoto bullet1 photo to Niigata bullet5 photos to Osaka bullet1 photo to Takaoka bullet18 photos to Tokyo

December 2000

bulletAdded 8 token images to Philadelphia bulletAdded 1 token image to Chicago bulletAdded 13 photos to Portland Transit bulletReformatted Start Page with a cleaner “map”

November 2000

bulletAdded Fort Worth Texas (Tandy Subway) with 5 photos bulletAdded the Dallas Commuter Rail page with 4 photos bulletAdded the Dallas Vintage Trolley page, no new photos bulletAdded 7 photos to the Dallas DART Light Rail page bulletAdded many new Farecard and token images bullet6 farecards added to Tokyo Subway bullet4 farecards/tickets added to JR bullet2 farecards added to Other Japan bullet5 farecards/tickets added to California bullet1 Farecard added to Western US bullet2 Farecard added to Central US bullet2 Farecards added to Chicago bullet2 Farecards added to Eastern US bullet2 Tickets added to Europe bullet2 Tickets added to Canada bulletAdded 3 Stories to Travel Notes bulletAdded the Railroad

October 2000

bulletStarted condensing the Facts and Figures table for each city. bulletAdded maps to San Jose LRT, Portland LRT, CalTrain and Paris bulletBroke up the Japan Railroad pages bulletAdded 3 Shinkansen Photos bulletAdded 4 JR Lines Photos bulletCreated new Japan Maglev page with 3 photos bulletAdded 2 photos to Korean Railroads bulletAdded 5 Photos to Italian Railroads bulletAdded 1 photo to Amtrak bulletBroke up the Transit Agency links pages. bulletBroke up the Transit/Railfan pages. bulletAdded a total of 58 links to various links pages. bulletStarted add links to transit maps to the transit photos pages. bulletAdded a couple of WebRings and converted it the new Yahoo format.

September 2000

bulletAdded 26 photos to LA Transit bulletAdded 13 photos to San Diego Transit bulletAdded 5 photos to Catania Italy Transit bulletAdded 2 photos to Seattle Transit bulletAdded 1 Photo to San Francisco Transit bulletSeparated out the Mainline Railroad pages. bulletAdded 2 photos to Amtrak bulletAdded 2 Photos to US Freight

July 2000

bulletEntire site revamped bulletSplit up site between Trainweb and @Home bulletRescanned or recaptured all transit photos, many new photos added bulletBroke up many cities even further. bulletAdded Seattle bulletNew Index Page format.

May 2000

bulletAdded one new transit city: Catania, Italy bulletAdded transit photos to the following cities: San Francisco, Hamburg bulletAdded mainline railroad photos to Europe bulletReplaced all the thumbnail images on the site. bulletBroke up the following city page to speed page loading: New York Metro; Hamburg; Tokyo  bulletBroke up the European railroad page

March 2000

bulletAdded several new Transit cities with photos: Arnhem, Den Haag, Hamburg, Hannover, Dortmund, Wuppertal bulletAdded new Tokens & Farecard Page. bulletSplit up a few transit photo pages: Holland, New York, Tokyo bulletAdded photos to the following existing cities: Salt Lake; Baltimore; Portland; San Francisco; San Jose; Washington DC bulletAdded photos to the following railroad pages: Europe; N. America bulletDoing a slight site makeover, going for a uniform look. bulletAdded a survey question to the Feedback page. bulletChecked spelling and grammar. Still not perfect, but a lot better!

November, 1999

bulletTransit photos site pulled off of personal website  (http://members.home.net/subwaymark) and placed on Trainweb.com bulletAdded transit photos for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Paris bulletUpdated and slightly re-arranged the links pages. bulletA whole new look for the website overall