Facts and Figures

Operator Valley Metro
System Type Streetcar
Year Opened 2022
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 6
Mileage 3 mi
Gauge Standard
Stations 14
Power Overhead, and wirefree operation
Data Date 2024
1st Visit 5/2023
Last Visit 6/2023
% Rode 100%
US > Central US Transit

File:Logo Tempe Streetcar.svg


Tempe is serviced by Valley Metro Light Rail. However, it has it own transit system, operated by Valley Metro, but only serves the City of Tempe. This includes the Tempe Streetcar and Orbit bus lines.

The Tempe Streetcar is a 3 mile system that is mostly double-tracked. In downtown Tempe it runa as a one-way couplet on Mill and Ash Streets. Along Mill St btween 9th St and Hayden Ferry cars run wirefree (battery) northbound. Southbound cars run wire free from Haydne Ferry to 3rd and ash, and then again from University/Ash to 9th/Mill.

The cars were built in Pennsylvania by Brookville. They have onboard batteries for the wire free sections. The cars are stored and maintained at Valley Metro's light rail shops. The cars access the shops via a track connection to the Light Rail system just west of Dorsey station. Fares were free to start, but may becoemr $1,00/ride starting sometime in 2024.

All (26) photos were taken at the end of May/early June in 2023.

Dorsey/Apache Blvd
Single Track terminal with transfer to Valley Metro Rail
Rural Road/Apache Blvd
Paseo Del Saber/Apache Blvd
College Ave/Apache Blvd
11th St/Mill
9th St Mill
End of overhead wire towards Marina Heights/ Beginning of wire towards Dorsey
University/Ash Ave
Dorsey Bound trains only, end of overhead wire
6th St/Mill Ave
Marina Heights bound only
5th St/Ash Ave
Dorsey Bound trains only
3rd St/Mill Ave
Marina Heights bound only - Transfer to Valley Metro Light Rail
  No photos yet  
3rd St/Ash Ave
Dorsey Bound trains only - Begin overhead wire - Transfer to Valley Metro Light Rail
Tempe Beach Park/Rio Salado Pkwy
Dorsey Bound trains only
Hayden Ferry/Rio Salado Pkwy
Begin wire for Marina Heights trains, end wire for Dorsey bound trains
Marina Heights/Rio Salado Pkwy
Current End of the Line. There is discussion to extend the line east from here.
Brookville Car interiors



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