European transit

Many cities in Europe have great city transit. I have many more to go to. They are broken up by country in alphabetical order below. There are currently 2569 photos to view.

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The great city of Vienna is featured

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The City of Brussels is found here.

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Czech Republic

Prague is the city!

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You will find Copenhagen here.

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The City of Light and Love, Paris. Plus Lyon and Strasbourg

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Several German cities are featured. Most notably, Dresden, Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg.

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Only Dublin has rail-based transit on the Emerald Isle.

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Currently, only Catania in Sicily is featured.

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Amsterdam is the big city, but you will also fine Rotterdam here.

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The port city of Bergen is featured.

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You will find Stockholm here.

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Currently only Geneva is featured on this website. Geneva is a great city that is easy to et around by tram and trolleybu. This page is dedicated to the late Ron Yee.

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United Kingdom

Of course, London is here, but you will also find Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.