Asian Transit & Railway Museums

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I have been to a few fine museums in Japan. There are many others that I have not visited. Please refer to my Railroad and Transit Museum links pages for many more museums. Please choose from the following list. They are listed in alphabetical order by country, then by city.

China: Shanghai 

 Maglev Museum

13 Photos

This museum is located under the Maglev station. It is mostly propaganda, but it is a free little museum

China: Shanghai

 Shanghai Railway Museum

26 Photos

This is a neat little museum, with no real English to visit in Shanghai

Japan: Kyoto


Kyoto Railway Museum

23 Photos

This was formerly the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. It has been greatly expanded and renamed.

Japan: Nagoya

Nagoya Transport Museum

14 photos

This museum is a 10-minute walk from the nearest subway station. It features trams and subways

Japan: Nagoya

 SC-Maglev Museum

27 photos

One of the larger railway museums in Japan, with many Shinkansen’s, a maglev, and more traditional trains.

Japan: Omiya

The Railway Museum

22 photos

The largest railway museum in Japan, not too far from Tokyo, and conveniently one stop on a small train line from Omiya Station.

Japan: Osaka


Modern Transportation  Museum (closed)

3 Photos

This museum was located under the JR Osaka Loop Line. It closed many years ago, with most objects moving to the Kyoto Railway Museum

Japan: Sendai

Sendai Tram Museum

16 Photos

This small museum is all about trams. It is located within a Sanedai Subway yards complex, about a 10 minute walk from the subway station.

Japan: Tokyo


Arakawa Tram PArk

22 Photos

This is an outdoor park with former Tokyo trams next to the Arakawa (now Sakura) Tram depot.

Japan: Tokyo

Keio Train LAnd

38 Photos

This museum is all about the Keio Line. It is next to the Keio Line Tama Zoo terminal and a short walk from the Tama Monorail20+2 zoo station.

Japan: Tokyo


Tobu Railway Museum

22 Photos

This museum is all about the Tobu railway, from steam to electric, located under a Tobu line station.

Japan: Tokyo

 Tokyo Subway Museum

20 Photos

A must stop for a subway fan. A great little museum located under a Tozai Line subway station.

Japan: Tokyo


Tokyo Transportation Museum (Closed)

3 Photos

This closed museum was located in Kanda section of Tokyo, right next to the JR Chuo Line. It was rather cramped. The Railway Museum in Omiya is its replacement.

Japan: Tokyo

 TokyU Rail and Bus Museum

15 Photos

This museum is all bout the Tokyu! Trains, trams and buses.

Japan: Yokohama


Hara Model Railroad Museum

23 Photos

This is a great operating model railroad the features one man’s collection. 

Japan: Yokohama

 Yokohama Streetcar Museum 

14 Photos

This is great museum for the tram fan! It has several examples of Yokohama’s former tram network.