Asian Transit

Not as many countries featured like Europe, but Asia has many growing public transportation systems. Many are among the busiest and largest in the world. 20 Cities are featured with 2630 photos.

2 Cities

285 Photos



Many cities in China are building metro networks. Shanghai and Nanjing are featured here

1 City

282 Photos


Hong Kong

Yes, Hong Kong is part of China, but run independently and is recognized as another country in parts of the world


2 Cities

51 Photos



Israel is building a rail network. Currently, Jerusalem and Haifa are featured here.

13 Cities

1,655 Photos



I have been to Japan many times, so this is the biggest Asian section with many cities featured!

1 City

352 Photos



This island nation is working quickly to build a large rail system linking everything Singapore has to offer!

1 City

5 Photos


South Korea

Only Seoul only featured, and only a very little.