Japan Transit Systems Photos



Japan Transit Systems Photos











Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit as a transit enthusiast. It has everything, and most systems have frequent service. All transit fans need to visit the land of the rising sun!


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There are 2 transit lines of note here. The Ofuna Monorail and the Enoden tram runs along the coast.


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This tourist area has a great tourist loop. Ride a train from Tokyo, the mountain tramway with switchbacks up the mountain. Then, transfer to the funicular to get higher. Transfer to a Ropeway, then a second ropeway over the mountain. Board a boat to go across a lake, then take a bus back or reverse direction. 


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Home to the largest tram network in Japan. There are a variety of trams in operation see!


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The spiritual capital of Japan has commuter trains, subways, trams,  funiculars, and Ropeways.


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Nagoya has a multi-line subway system and more.


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This Sea of Japan city did have an interurban line that closed in the 1990s


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The second-largest city in Japan has subways, trams, monorails, and more


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The city has a 2 line subway system


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A small city on the Sea of Japan has a one-line tram system


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Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and has one of the densest urban rail networks in the world. It has two subway systems, many commuter rail systems, tram lines, monorails, an automated light metro, and more.


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The city maintains a traditional tram system/light rail and an interurban railway.


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The small city has a small tram system.


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Tokyo’s neighboring city has subways and commuter rail.