North American Transit

North America is known for being a car culture. However most medium to large cities, and some small ones, offer rail-based transit. This section is divided into regions, then into cities for easy navigation.

A total of 10,135 photos of 59 cities are for your viewing pleasure.




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The Northeastern US

This is the Northeastern US. New York City dominates here, Some other cities include Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and more..

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The Southeastern US

The southeast of the US includes many great states and transit systems. New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville, Memphis, and more.

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The Central US

This is the heart of the United States. This includes Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Salt Lake, among others 

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This northwest corner of the US has a lot of transit options. The trendsetter Portland, the Emerald City of Seattle, and other smaller cities

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Canada is a rather larger country in area, but low population. However many the major cities have rail-based transit, with Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary all leading the pack.

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The Caribbean – Central America

There are a few transit properties in the Caribbean and Central America, but the only one featured here currently is San Juan, Puerto Rico