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 Canada is a huge country in terms of area. Some its largest cities are home to rail transit system with Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver leading the pack.

 Calgary, ALB

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The Stampede city is home to a multi-line light rail system.

Edmonton, ALB 

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The Oil Capital of Canada maintains a light rail system with a downtown subway.

Toronto, ONT 

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The economic capital of Canada is also home to a subway system, streetcars, light rail, and commuter rail.

 Vancouver, BC 

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This is the largest city in western Canada. It has the automated Skytrain system, as well as a commuter rail line.

Cities Not Featured


  • Kirchner-Waterloo, ONT: Recently opened a new Light Rail line.
  • Montreal, QUE: Home to a rubber-tired metro and a rail commuter system
  • Ottawa, ONT: Has a light Rail System