Welcome to the 25th Year of Kavanagh Transit Photos!

  • June 2024 Updates
  • New Transit City: Honolulu, HI, with 91 photos of the Skyline Train and buses
  • New Transit City: Maui, HI, with 11 photos of the Maui Airport Tram
  • Updated Transit City: Los Angeles, CA, with 136 photos of LA Metro, Light Rail, Buses and more

Welcome to Ktransit.com, home of transportation photos from around the world. We started in 1999 on Trainweb. Then, in 2001, ktransit.com came into being. From just a few transit photos to now over 20,000 transit and railroad-related photos from around the world, we have come a long way!


All photos on this website are owned and copyrighted by Mark Kavanagh. Mark has been around the world and his main passion is urban transit and railways. Commercial aircraft and cruise ships are also featured. To round this site, learn more about the Kavanagh family, both Mark’s family, and the history of the Irish surname. This website has other features, including the World Trade Center in NY. Please enjoy!


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