Oceania transit

Oeania is dominated by the Australian continent. Most transit services in the region are in Australia, with New Zealand being second. All the transit in Australia is in the cities along the coast. My first visit to the region occurred in 2019 with visits to Syndey, Melbourne, and Cairns in Australia, then a cruise around New Zealand. The region is growing as is the commitment to expanding transit options.

To date only 4 cities will be featured, I hope to return to the region someday to experience more transit down-under.










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 Auckland, NZ

The rail system is commuter-based, with expansion underway.

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The city is famous for the world’s largest tram system. It also supports a commuter system that is expanding

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Sydney, aUS

The city has a great commuter rail network and a new and expanding Light Rail network.

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Wellington, NZ

Up until 2018, Wellington maintained a Trolleybus network. Sadly I missed it. But it does maintain a funicular