Transit Systems of the United Kingdom

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The UK has the oldest underground railway and some of the newest light rail/tram systems. The UK has been investing a lot into its transit infrastructure over the past 15 years with many newer rail-based systems. Like most nations, the UK at many tram networks, but more closed before or soon after WWII. It is good to see them back again. Eight cities are featured with 1,154 photos, 695 new.

Birmingham, England

57 photos, 57 NEW!

The UK’s second-largest city has brought back modern trams in the form of West Midlands Metro (Light Rail). It is a one-line system undergoing expansion.

Bridgnorth, England

11 photos, 11 NEW!

Home of the only remaining in-land cliff railway (funicular) in the UK.

Home of the only remaining in-land cliff railway (funicular) in the UK.

Glasgow, Scotland

78 photos

Home of one of the oldest subways of the world that goes round and round the city.

London, England 

895 photos, 609 NEW!

Home of the world’s first underground railway. The double-decker buses are iconic. There are a lot of transit options in the capital city. Systems featured here are, the Underground, Overground, Docklands Light Railway, London Tramlink, Buses, and commuter railways 

Home of the UK’s largest Light Rail Network!

Sheffield, England

23 photos

Home of Supertram modern light rail system

Stourbridge, England

18 photos, 18 NEW!

This is featured here for its unique shuttle line between Stourbridge Junction and the town of Stourbridge using the Parry people mover.

Cities Not Featured


  • Blackpool, England: Light Rail/Tram
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne: Tyne and Wear Metro (Light Metro System)
  • Nottingham, England: Light Rail