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My first visit to the world’s oldest underground railway in February of 2001. I took my family to London on a nice vacation. Our base of operations was at Earl’s Court, also known as Kangaroo Alley. This area is served by the District and Piccadilly underground lines. Since then I have returned to London 3 more times. 

London is a great transit city, the subways, better known as the Underground or The Tube, run frequently and cover the city well. There is also the automated Light Rail line serving the re-developing docklands area of east London. The newest addition to the family is the Light Rail line in the southern suburb of Croydon, called Tramlink. Then there are the famous red double-decker buses that operate throughout the region as well as the various commuter lines that radiate from city center. There are currently 895 photos in this section, 609 of them are new! Please choose from the following sections.


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The World’s oldest underground railway



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London Transport has been adding to the Overground which supplements the Underground


Docklands Light Railway

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An “RER” Like express subway line. The first line is the Elizabeth Line, which has yet to open


Coming Soon


An “RER” Like express subway line. The first line is the Elizabeth Line, which has yet to open



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Currently, trams are limited to the network in the southern suburbs of Croyden



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There are several different commuter railways, some with metro like frequencies in center city.



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The Double-Decker bus is a London Icon


Emirates Airline

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This aerial tram is out in the Docks area of London