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London Bus

I had to include a section on London's buses. Most cities in the world have tried double-decker buses, but few retained them. The Routemaster with the conductors are the most famous, and still operate. Apparently the Routemaster has outlived newer coaches. With conductors and the easy on/off these buses zip through town while newer coaches must wait for people to pay their fares to the driver before continuing on. In the late 1990's there was a push for more Routemasters. Now the city want to get rid of them for "safety" and ADA requirements. However the public is not happy, so time will tell. 

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(07/07/2018) Harry Potter Bus by Golden Tours ((08/07/2018)
(08/07/2018)   (08/04/2018)
Euston Station (08/04/2018) Euston Station (08/04/2018)
Euston Station (08/04/2018) Euston Station (08/04/2018)
(08/04/2018) (08/07/2018)
ltm-bus02.jpg (185963 bytes)Routemaster displayed at the London Transport Museum at Covent Gardens. (2/01 dig.) ltm-bus04.jpg (185743 bytes)This is the Routemaster predecessor, the RT. There were over 7000 of these type buses built between 1939-1954. (2/01 dig.)
Routemaster on Route 9 (3/19/09_ Buses on Regent St. (12/4/16)
Borismaster bus near Kings Cross (12/3/16) Borismaster bus near Kings Cross (12/3/16)
Bendy Bus, or articulated (3/19/09) Routemaster bus (3/19/09)
Bus in Croyden (2/22/01) Bus in Croyden (2/22/01)
Bus in Croyden (2/22/01) Buses on layover (2/22/01)
Borismaster with St. Pancras clocktower in the distance (12/3/16) Double-decker (3/19/09)
Routemaster Bus (3/19/09) Bus in Croyden (2/22/01)

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