Facts and Figures

System Type Metro
Year Opened 1896
# of Lines 2*
# of Cars
Mileage 6.5 miles
Stations 15
Gauge 4 ft
Power Third Rail
Fare Media Farecards
Data Date 2017
1st Visit 6/2016
Last Visit 6/2016
% Rode 100%

Europe > United Kingdom > Glasgow
Glasgow Subway

Glasgow Subway.svg


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, very much a bustling city. It is also home to the world's third oldest underground railway, the Glasgow Subway.

The subway opened in 1896 as a cable-hauled subway operating a loop linking Glasgows south of the River Clyde with north of the River Clyde. Sicne the system was buitl as a loop, using cable traction was easy. There loop operates in both directions, with a inner loop and outer loop routes.

Thsi underground cable railway was efficient enoguth that it was not converted to electric traction until 1935. Although the original carriages were still used with the additional of traction motors. Those carriages were continued to be used until 1977 when the system when thru an overhaul. Originally all trains were stored in the running tunnels overnight when there was no train service. If a carriage needed to be serviced they had to be lifted out of the tunntels via hoist into the depot. In 1977 a modern dept and yards at Boomloan were built aslong with a track connection to the depot located between Ibrox and Govan station.

The tunnels only have a diameter of 11feet. As such the carriages are very small in height and width. Today trains are made of 3 cars. The original stations were all narrow island platforms. During the 1977 refurb, some stations had side platforms added for capacity reasons. The system is currently undergoing a modernization program. At some point new trains will be put in service with the goal of making the system automated. As always there is disussion to expand the subway, but do far the trains just continue to go around in circles. This loop and the fact the trains are painted orange, some have nicknamed the subway the "Clockwork Orange'.

It is a fun system to ride and you can pretty much visit every station in a 1/2 day. Day passes are available

Every station is featured on this website. The list below is in Alphabetical order

  Station Photos New
  Bridge St 4  
  Buchanan 5  
  Cessnock 5  
  Cowcaddens 6  
  Govan 5  
  Hillhead 4  
  Ibrox 6  
  Kelvin Bridge 4  
  Kelvin Hall 6  
  Kinning Park 2  
  Partick 4  
  Shields Road 6  
  St. Enoch 10  
  St. George Cross 5  
  West Street 2  
  Equipment 4  

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