National Railway Museum

York, UK (45 photos)

This is one of the world’s finest railway museums. It featured the birth of the railway in the United Kingdom through to the modern age. 

There are 2 main halls for the museum, plus a workshop, a small collections room, plus places to eat. It is a full-day museum for a railfan, and at least a half-day for most families. My wife really enjoyed the museum

It has a section on the royal train through the ages. There is turntable with many famous locomotives around it. There is a Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet) train car. And so much more.

The museum is in York, right next to the York Railway Station. There is a shuttle that links the museum to York city center.  

For more information, visit the Museum’s Website

All photos are from my only visit to the museum in 2017.

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