Tokyo Transport Photos

Tokyo is one of the largest, and probably the most complicated railway networks in the world. There are two subway systems, 2 tram lines, multiple commuter railways, Monorails, automated transit, and buses. It is never a dull moment (except from about 12:30 am ~5: 00 am when nothing runs).




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Tokyo has 2 subway systems, the Tokyo Metro and the TOEI Subway. 


Commuter Trains

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JR-East is the largest network, but there any many other private commuter railways serving Tokyo


Light Rail/Trams

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There are 2 remaining tram lines in Tokyo. One part of the Tokyu Railway, the other was part of Tokyo’s large streetcar network.



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There are a few monorails in the Tokyo Area. The Tokyo Monorail, Tama Monorail, Disney Monorail and the Ueno Zoo Monorail

Automated Guideway

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These could be considered light metros. There is a few in the Tokyo region




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Not typically used by tourists, but there are many bus routes all over the region to fill the gaps between train lines.