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What can I say about NY? It definitely has the most rail-based transit in all of the Americas! It is one of the largest sections on this website. I may live in the Pacific Northwest, but I am partial to NY, particularly Brooklyn (my native habitat). The NY subways alone are a transit fans’ dream. Add the commuter trains and NJ light rail systems in Jersey City and Newark, the metro area becomes a transit fan’s heaven. I have broken the New York area based on operations. 

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The largest subway system in North America. The 26 line system is critical to NYC’s health as a thriving metropolis.


Staten Island Railway

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This one line system has a lot of history and uses slightly modified NY subway equipment


PATH Trains

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This small metro system links Newark, Jersey City, and Hoboken to midtown Manhattan, and the World Trade Center via its own subway.


Metro-North Railroad

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This serves the northern suburbs in Westchester, Putnum Counties, as well as Connecticut. Via NJ Transit, lines cover Rockland and Orange Counties as well.


Long Island Railroad

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The largest of the 3 NYC are commuter railroads. The hubs are NY Penn Station and Jamaica Station.

NJ Transit Commuter Trains

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Although the trains are in NJ, the NJT focus is NYC bound commuters with NY Penn Station, Hoboken, Secaucus, and Newark as major hubs.


Roosevelt Island Tram

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This aerial tram links Manhattan with Roosevelt Island


JFK AirTrain

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This automated rail system links all of JFK’s terminals to parking lots, rental cars as well as the A-Line subway at Howard beach, and the E/J subway and LIRR at Jamaica



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Buses serve the gaps where the subways don’t serve. They are very important to most commuters



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There is the famous Staten Island Ferry. But also many other ferries to choose from.


South Brooklyn Railway

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A subsidiary of the MTA, it moves subway cars from car floats and at one time ran under the Culver El in Brooklyn.