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Facts and Figures

Operator Port Authority NY-NJ
System Type Automated People mover
Year Opened 2004
# of Lines 3
# of Cars
Mileage 8.1 miles
Gauge Std
Stations 10
Power 3rd Rail/LIM
Fare Media Farecards
Website jfkairtrain.com
Data Date 2004
1st Visit 10/2004
Last Visit 10/2013
% Rode 100%

New York City Area Transit 
JFK AirTrain

nyc-airtrain-term4-110104-03.jpg (67415 bytes)

JFK Airport AirTrain

The AirTrain is the first new transit system in NYC for many years. It connects all the terminals at  JFK airport. It links rental cars, remote parking and hotel shuttles. The great part of the system is it links to the A Subway line at Howard Beach and the E/J/Z subway and LIRR at Jamaica. The downside is it costs $5 to use the Jamaica and Howard Beach stations. The system is standard gauge with NY Subway/LIRR style 3rd rail. However the cars use linear induction motors. The cars are very similar the new "millennium" cars in service on Vancouver BC Skytrain system.

I have used Skytrain and it is a welcome addition to JFK. I think in some ways it is even better that Newark's monorail system to get to NY. I hope that someday the line will be extended from Jamaica to LaGuardia Airport and maybe to 125th street in Manhattan to connect with Metro-North and the IRT (I can dream can't I). 

Please click on any image to enlarge

nyc-airtrain-term-110104-01.jpg (73638 bytes)This view is from a plane during takeoff. You can see most of the AirTrain terminal loop. (11/01/04) nyc-airtrain-term4-110104-03.jpg (67415 bytes)Inner loop (terminals only) train coming into Terminal 4. Inner loop trains are single car trains. (11/01/04)
nyc-airtrain-term4-110104-02.jpg (51213 bytes)Two car outer loop train leaving terminal 4. Outer loop trains continue on to either Howard Beach to Jamaica. (11/01/04) nyc-airtrain-term-103004-02.jpg (54845 bytes)Two car train as seen from an inner loop train. These trains have great big railfan windows to look out of!! (10/30/04)
nyc-airtrain-FdCir-103004-02.jpg (53894 bytes)Two car train at Federal Circle as seen from National Car Rental's lot. Inner loop trains do NOT serve this station. (10/30/04) nyc-airtrain-Jamaica-102904-03.jpg (49430 bytes)Two car train at Jamaica terminal. Transfer here to the E/J/Z subway or the LIRR for a short trip to Manhattan. (10/29/04)
nyc-airtrain-Jamaica-102904-01.jpg (45585 bytes)train has just left Jamaica and it turning onto the Viaduct over the center of the crowded Van Wyck Expwy for the trip to JFK. (10/29/04) nyc-airtrain-hwdbch-061904-03.jpg (53528 bytes)Train at Howard Beach as seen from the passenger concourse above the "A" subway line station. (6/19/04)
nyc-airtrain-yard-103004-03.jpg (49512 bytes)View of the AirTrain yards located along the Howard Beach branch of AirTrain. (10/30/04) nyc-airtrain-int-103004-01.jpg (56023 bytes)The interior of the rather spacious cars, plenty of standing/luggage room available! (10/30/04)
View along the line (10/21/06) As viewed from a airplane. (10/21/06)

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