February 2018 Additions

  • Updated transit city: Tokyo, Japan with 603 photos (Subways, Monorails, Automated Guideways, Commuter Trains)
  • Updated transit City: Vancouver, BC with 134 photos (Skytrain, Trolley Bus, Commuter Rail & Ferry)
  • Updated transit city: Tuscon, AZ with 26 photos (modern Streetcar)


Welcome to Ktransit.com, home of transportation photos from around the world. All photos on this website are owned and copyrighted by Mark Kavanagh. Mark has been around the world and his main passion is urban transit and railways. Commercial aircraft, cruise ships are also featured. To round this site, learn more about the Kavanagh family, both Mark’s family, and about the history of the Irish surname. There are other features of this website as well including the World trade Center in NY. Please enjoy!

 Transit Photos

This is the heart of ktransit.com. This section features over 10,700 urban transit photos from 3 continents and over 100 cities. Not to be missed!

 Railroad photos

Non-urban rail is also featured here. This includes, Amtrak, US freight, Europe mainline, Japan Shinkansen, trains stations from around the world, and more.

 Transport Museums

This section features Railroad and transit museum, along with excursion railways from around the world

 Farecards & Tokens

This section deals with fare media. This includes magnetic strip farecards, the more modern IC chip farecards, tradional tickets and old fashion tokens


There is something about commercial aircraft. Just like the railroads, they move people. Although flying may not what it used to be, there is still something about flying. Come see the world’s airlines here..

 Cruise Ships/Ferries

Going a cruise is many people idea of a great relaxing vacation. Ferries on the other hand typically serve commuters going to work. They both move people

 Travel Blog

This portion of the site is not updated often enough. Learn about Mark’s travels over the years. Facebook maybe a better method by looking thru his Facebook photo albums.

 Kavanagh Family

Learn about Mark’s family, as well as a history lesson about the very Irish name of Kavanagh. All Kavanaghs, no matter how they spell it, can all trace their lineage to one person in the 1100’s…

 World Trade Center

Mark grew-up in NY area, and went to the old WTC many times eofre 9/11, the last time was about 12 days before the fateful day. This section of the website is dedicated to the lives lost that day, and the re-birth of the the WTC site.


There are more things on this website, like Transit farecards and tokens, web links, and see recent site updates and what is in the queue for the future of ktransit.com


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Working on updates to Seattle, San Diego and Jerusalem... ... See MoreSee Less

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Updated ktransit.com (finally) with 134 photos for Vancouver BC transit, 26 photos of Tucson, AZ's streetcar and 255 photos of Tokyo's commuter rail lines, both JR and private. ... See MoreSee Less

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I have updates coming, but it maybe a 2~3 more weeks. They are Tokyo commuter rail, Tuscon Streetcar and Vancouver BC Skytrain and more..

I am very back-logged, so I'm struggling to determine which city to update next. I'm thinking NY, but that is a major update.

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Update to ktransit.com is coming... ... See MoreSee Less

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