Facts and Figures

Operator JTA
System Type Monorail
Year Opened 1989
# of Lines 2
# of Cars 9
Mileage 5.4 miles
Gauge N/A
Stations 8
Power Side rails
Fare Media cash
Data Date 2002
1st Visit 7/2002
Last Visit 9/2011
% Rode 100%

US > Southern Transit
Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville, Florida has a unique downtown circulator system dubbed the Skyway. It was originally built as a VAL automated system. But was later converted to an automated monorail by Bombardier. It is basically a two line system. Both lines share the downtown portion between Central and FCCJ. One branch heads west to the convention center. The other branch heads south across the St. John's River to link developments and parking there. It is really a park-n-ride shuttle. In my opinion if it does not expand to suburban areas, it is a waste of taxpayers money, but it is fun to ride, especially at only 35 cents a ride!

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jax-mr-073102-16.jpg (426152 bytes)Kings Ave. Station serves the southern line with good bus connections and a huge park-n-ride lot. (7/31/02) jax-mr-073102-03.jpg (350876 bytes)Car entering Kings Ave. Station, note the track switch. (7/31/02)
jax-mr-073102-07.jpg (407316 bytes)View out of the front of a train at Kings Ave. (7/31/02) jax-mr-073102-09.jpg (351051 bytes)What a maze of concrete as the train comes off of the Acosta Bridge heading downtown. (7/31/02)
jax-mr-073102-20.jpg (340493 bytes)Rear view of a train at the jct. of the two branches causing complicated monorail switches. (7/31/02) jax-mr-073102-18.jpg (564578 bytes)Train at Central Station. (7/31/02)
jax-mr-073102-06.jpg (366849 bytes)Train near Central (7/31/02) jax-mr-073102-22.jpg (414998 bytes)Train leaving Central Station. (7/31/02)
jax-mr-073102-12.jpg (502764 bytes)Train leaving FCCJ terminal (7/31/02) jax-mr-073102-08.jpg (367361 bytes)Car interior, the cars are really small. (7/31/02)
jax-mr-123002-07.jpg (270747 bytes)This train just came off the Acosta Bridge and is about to enter San Marcos Station. (12/30/02) jax-mr-123002-05.jpg (300402 bytes)Train is rounding the corner and will soon enter Central Station. (12/30/02)
Convention Center Station (9/8/11) Convention Center Station (9/8/11)
Between Convention Center and Jefferson (9/8/11) Jefferson Station (9/8/11)

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