Seattle, Washington Transit

The Emerald City has several different modes of transit to choose from. 493 photos

Link Light Rail

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Link is a cross between a light rail system and a true metro. Long trains, high speed, and subway portions. Only the median running on MLK in the Rainier Valley holds it back. It is undergoing a major expansion too!


Seattle Streetcar

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There are two separate streetcar lines, that maybe someday they will get connected together.


Seattle Monorail

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It is ionic to Seattle as the Space Needle is. It is a good thing since the monorail connects downtown to the Space Needle/Seattle Center.


Sounder Commuter Rail

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Traffic along I-5 is intense between Tacoma, Seattle and Everett. The Sounder gives a much more civilized travel option for commuters.

Trolleys Buses

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Seattle has a huge trolley bus system along with traditional buses, and Bus Rapid Transit. Regional buses add to the mix.


Regular Buses & BRT

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Seattle had many buses from King County Metro, Sound Transit and Community Transit


Waterfront Streetcar

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The now closed heritage streetcar line had linked the International District with the Seattle Waterfront.