US Pacific Northwest Transit Systems 













The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for transit. Seattle and Portland dominate the transit scene

 Astoria, OR 

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Ride the Heritage Trolley along the Columbia River.

 Eugene, OR 

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Track-City operates a BRT system that has some features of Light Rail.

 Issaquah, WA

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This Seattle suburb operates a short tourist trolley throgh town. (System shut down)

 Portland, OR 

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The City of Roses operates a five-line light rail system, plus a 3 line modern streetcar system. Don’t forget to ride the OHSU aerial tram and the Willamette Shore Trolley

 Salem, OR 

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The Cherry City doesn’t have a rail-based transit system, but it is my current hometown. Salem did have streetcars from 1889 to 1927

 Seattle, WA

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The Emerald City is a powerhouse of public transit in the Pacific Northwest. The Light Rail system runs in a subway thru the center city and is growing rapidly. There are 2 modern streetcar lines and a commuter rail system. Lastly, due to its hills, it still maintains a rather larger trolley bus network.

Yakima, WA 

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Yakima has a heritage trolley that runs on weekends on original Yakima trolley and trolley freight tracks in the middle of public streets!