Seattle Electric Trolley Bus

Facts and Figures

Operator Seattle Metro
System Type Trolley Bus
Year Opened
# of Lines
# of Cars
Gauge N/A
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tickets/POP
Website Metro
Data Date
1st Visit 1992
Last Visit 4/2011
% Rode 8%

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Trolley Buses

sea-etb-112202-05.jpg (362174 bytes)

Trolley Bus

Seattle still maintains a rather large Trolley bus network. The reason is the same as San Francisco. There are steep hill in Seattle. Trolley busses can climb these hills easier then standard Diesel busses. Then there is the added environmental advantage with the lack of emissions. Plus the busses are relatively quiet. 

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Pine St near McMenamins Six Arms/Starbarks Roastery (7/4/21) 7/5/21
In front of Union Station (7/4/21) Beacon Hill (7/5/21)
Pine St near McMenamins Six Arms/Starbarks Roastery (7/4/21) International District (12/2921)
Othello (1230/21) Overhead maze Pine & Broadway (7/4/21)
ETB as seen from MAX Hotel room (3/20/2015) ETB as seen from MAX Hotel room (3/20/2015)
#7 ETB bus on layover (3/20/2015) Downtown Seattle (4/22/11)
Downtown Seattle (4/22/11) Downtown Seattle (4/22/11)
sea-etb-112202-02.jpg (172795 bytes)AM General on lay-over on Main St between 3rd and 4th Aves. (11/22/02) sea-etb-112202-03.jpg (478942 bytes)New ETB at Westlake (11/22/02)
sea-etb-112202-04.jpg (293179 bytes)Bus going over I-5 at Pine St near Bus Tunnel Convention Center Station. (11/22/02) sea-etb-112202-05.jpg (362174 bytes)Route 14 coming off of Capitol Hill on Pine St. (11/22/02)
sea-etb-112202-06.jpg (294618 bytes)Two articulated ETB's going over I-5 on Pine.  (11/22/02) sea-etb-112202-08.jpg (323642 bytes)Bus yards near the junction of I-5 and I-90 (11/22/02)
sea-etb-121302-01.jpg (543886 bytes)Bus on 3rd Ave by University (12/13/02) sea-etb-121302-03.jpg (405828 bytes)Articulated on 3rd Ave. (12/13/02)
sea-etb-121302-04.jpg (318613 bytes)New bus on 3rd Ave. (12/13/02) sea-etb-042303-01.jpg (317554 bytes)ETB in front of the new Music Experience building with the Monorail running through it. (4/23/03)
sea-tb-090603-04.jpg (327383 bytes)This bus is crossing the Waterfront Streetcar tracks near the King St Station. (9/6/03) sea-tb-090603-02.jpg (159081 bytes)Route 13 at its outer terminal by Seattle Pacific University. (9/06/03)
ETB yards, Atlantic Base. (7/16/06) ETB at the Atlantic base. (7/16/06)
Part of the historic ETB fleet at the Atlantic Base. (7/16/06) Part of the historic ETB fleet at the Atlantic Base. (7/16/06)

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