Facts and Figures

Operator Sound Transit
System Type Light Rail
Year Opened 2009
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 15.6 miles
Stations 13
Gauge Standard
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tickets/POP
Website Sound Transit
Data Date 2011
1st Visit 2006
Last Visit 4/2011
% Rode 100%

PNW Transit > Seattle
Link Light Rail

Sound Transit

Light Rail opened during the summer of 2009. A one stop extension to the SeaTac Airport opened in December 2009. This line is a high quality Light Rail system.  It has extensive elevated portions from the Airport to Rainier Valley. There it runs in the median of MLK Blvd. Then it enters a tunnel under Beacon Hill, with a subway station. From there it joins the Busway to head to the original Bus Tunnel under downtown, now called the transit tunnel, as trains and busses share it now. After Westlake, the trains leave the transit tunnel for it own tunnel to Capital Hill and University of Washington stations.

Construction is under way for a further northward extension to Northgate, and there are plan to extend the system south of Angle Lake. A new east line is under construction to Bellvue which will join the the original line under downtown. But wait there is more. ST3 passed, which means even more light rail throughtout the Seattle region is coming over the next 20 years.

Currently the list below starts in the south and works northward. Click on station name to see photos

Update Station Opened Route Photos New
  Angle Lake 9/2016 1 10  
SeaTac Airport 12/2009 1 12 2
Tukwila Int'l Blvd 7/2009 1 16 6
Rainier Beach 7/2009 1 13 7
Othello 7/2009 1 17 8
  Columbia City 7/2009 1 6  
Mount Baker 7/2009 1 8 2
Beacon Hill 7/2009 1 19 8
SoDo 7/2009 1 9 5
  Stadium 7/2009 1 8  
International District 9/1990* 1 17 3
  Pioneer Square 9/1990* 1 15  
  University 9/1990* 1 12  
Westlake 9/1990* 1 14 7
Capitol Hill 3/2016 1 19 5
  Univ. of Washington 3/2016 1 12  
U District 10/2021 1 14 14
Roosevelt 10/2021 1 18 18
Northgate 10/2021 1 6 6
Yards & Equipment 7/2009   18 6
  Convention Place-Closed 9/1990*   10  
      Total 273 97

* The transit tunnel opened in September of 1990 for busses only. It was rebuilt to accomomdate light rail. First train service started in July of 2009

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