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The yards are located just south of SoDo station, near where the line heads into the subway under Beacon Hill. The cars were built by Kinki-Sharyo and are similar to the cars in Phoenix and Newark. Sound Transit has added Siemens S700 LRVs to is fleet to support all the expansion plans.

One of the original cars at the shops (12/15/07) Another car at the shops (12/15/07)
Entrance to the shops (12/15/07) The yards (!2/15/07)
Yards as viewed from the train (8/16/09)
Car interior (8/16/09)
Car interior (8/16/09) Car interior (8/16/09)
Car interior (8/16/09) Yard view (4/23/11)
Don't be a monkey (7/30/17) System map (7/30/17)

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