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Convention Place (Closed)
Year Opened 1990 - Closed 2018 Lines Served NONE
Platform Layout 4 Transfers  
# of Tracks N/A Right of Way open cut
Park-n-Ride No City Seattle
Points of Interest This was a busy station and the northern most Transit Tunnel station and is not underground at all. There are actually 4 platforms. 1 outbound, and 3 inbound. There is also a large stabling yard for turning busses around. Here busses come off of I-5 or off local streets. When dual-mode buses were in operation, busses here usually switch from diesel to overhead at the bus platforms. 
sea-bustun-conv-112202-08.jpg (520482 bytes)Sign for the entrance to the station. (11/22/02) sea-bustun-conv-112202-01.jpg (376627 bytes)New Metro paint scheme bus outbound (11/22/02)
sea-bustun-conv-112202-07.jpg (540095 bytes)Old Metro Paint Scheme getting ready to head into the tunnel (11/22/02) sea-bustun-conv-112202-06.jpg (336751 bytes)Inbound bus, poles not raised yet (11/22/02)
sea-bustun-conv-112202-02.jpg (370383 bytes)Bus outbound using flyover ramp. (11/22/02) sea-bustun-conv-112202-09.jpg (377258 bytes)Bus poles up ready to enter the tunnel (11/22/02)
sea-bustun-conv-112202-05.jpg (327807 bytes)Sound Transit paint scheme bus (11/22/02) sea-bustun-conv-112202-12.jpg (472635 bytes)Lay-up yard featuring all 3 paint schemes on the Breda's (11/22/02)
Hybrid bus (dual mode is gone, but wires remain in places (4/23/11) Platforms (4/23/11)
Station entrance (4/23/11) Inbound bus arriving (4/23/11)


Towards South Busway Towards Convention Pl



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