Facts and Figures

System Type Monorail
Year Opened 1962
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 2
Mileage ~ 1 mile
Stations 2
Gauge N/A
Power Guideway
Fare Media Tickets
Data Date 2002
1st Visit 1992
Last Visit 4/2011
% Rode 100%

Pacific NW Transit > Seattle
Seattle Monorail

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The Seattle monorail was built for the world Expo in 1962. It was a means of connecting downtown Seattle at Westlake with the hub of the Expo at Seattle Center. Seattle Center is best known for the Space Needle.

The Monorail has two trains that ride on separate beams with no cross-overs. The only change to the monorail since its opening is at Westlake. The original terminal was torn down to make way for Westlake Center Mall, the Monorail station is now attached to the mall on a single side platform with bridges to connect to both beams, with only one train can be at Westlake at any given time.

OVer the past few years the monorail trains have been upgrades, and in 2021 the Westlake terminal was redone. The monorail now accepts ORCA farecards.


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