San Francisco Transit

The city by the bay is a transit fan’s paradise with so many different modes of transport. From the iconic cable cars to the at one-time futuristic BART trains. You do not need a car to get around the city, and it is getting better around the entire Bay Area.


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The backbone of the MUNI network, a legacy streetcar system upgraded to Light Rail, with a subway under Market Street (but over BART).


MUNI Cable Cars

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Nothing is more iconic to the City on the Bay then the Cable cars.


MUNI Streetcars

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Historic streetcars run on Market Street to Fisherman’s Wharf. The majority of the fleet are PCCs, and Milanos. There are various other historic cars in service as well.



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BART is nearly as iconic to SF as the Cable Cars. This is a cross between a subway and a commuter network. If this was Germany, it would be an S-Bahn.


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This is a classic commuter rail system, currently being upgraded with electricfication.


MUNI Buses

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This includes Trolley Buses and regular Buses



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This is a new commuter line (running on an old commuter line) in the north Bay linking Marin and Sonoma Counties to the ferry to SF 


SFO Airtrain

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Buses remain an important part of the Paris transit network. 


Oak Airport Train

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Charles de Gaulle Airport uses VAL automated light metro trains to get around the massive airport.