Facts and Figures

Operator RATP
System Type Light Rail
Year Opened 1992
# of Lines 10
# of Cars
Mileage 104.7 km
Gauge Std
Stations 186
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tkts/POP
Data Date 2020
1st Visit 11/99
Last Visit 10/2019
% Rode 30%

French Transit > Paris
Light Rail

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Light Rail

Paris has several light rail or tram lines. They serve the suburbs at the edge of the metro lines. None of these lines are connected (yet). All the tram lines serve the periphery of Paris  More extensions/lines are under construction, and planned. Eventually the city limits will be ringed by trams making one complete loop around the city.

Line featured here are:

Line Opened Comments
1992 The first of the new Paris Tram Line
1997 Took over a former rail line
a 2006 Forms a southern and east ring around Paris
b 2012 Forms an east and northern ring around Paris
2006 Operated by SNCF
T5 2013 Rubber-tyred single rail tram
T6 2014  (no photos) 
T7 2013 (no photos)
T8 2014  
Stations featured in Alphabetical Order
NEW Station Neme Routes Transfers # of Photos New Photos
  Aulnay T4 3  
Basilique St Denis T1 2 2
Bobigny T1 3
Bondy T4 10 9
  Cite University T3a 3  
  Issy T2 1  
La Courneuve T1 2 2
  La Defense T2   5  
Mache Saint Denis T1/T5 8 8
  Musee Sevres T2   7  
  Porte d'Italia T3a 6  
Porte de la Villette T3b 2 2
  Porte de Versailles T3a   6  
Porte de Vincennes T3a/T3b 11 11
Porte Doree T3a 8
Saint Denis T1/T8 6 6

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