Portland, Oregon Transit

The City of Roses is not short of transit options. It is also the closest to where I live. (852 photos)

 MAX Light Rail

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Portland’s MAX links the entire metro area with 5 different lines that all go to downtown.


 Portland Streetcar

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The Streetcar links the inner Portland neighborhoods and downtown.


 WES Commuter Rail

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This Rush Hour only train runs from suburb to suburb in the west and southern suburbs. It does not go to Portland.


 Trimet Buses 

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MAX get all the praise, but it is the buses that keep Portland moving.


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The aerial tram links the OHSU waterfront campus with OHSU main hospital on “Pill Hill”


Willamette Shore Trolley

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This tourist trolley links Lake Oswego with Portland during summer weekends.

M&F Santaland

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This former Christmas-only monorail ran in the old Meier & Frank Department Store in downtown Portland.

Vintage Trolley

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This is a former service on MAX and later Portland Streetcar using replica streetcars.


“MAX” Movie Filming 

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The movie “The Hunted” was filmed in Portland using buses made to look like MAX trains.