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Times Square - 42nd Street

Boro Manhattan Lines Served
Year Opened IRT Shuttle: 1904
IRT 7th Ave: 1917

IRT Flushing: 1927
BMT Bway: 1918
Street Location Times Square Transfers   
Platform Layout IRT 7th ave: 2 island platforms
IRT Flushing: 1 island platform
IRT Shuttle: 2 side platforms, 1 island
BMT Bway: 2 island platforms
Right-of-Way Subway
# of Tracks IRT 7th Ave: 4 tracks
IRT Flushing: 2 tracks
IRT Shuttle: 3 tracks
BMT Bway: 4 tracks
Former Name(s)  
Points of Interest Theater District, Times Square, Madam Tussads, Hard Rock Cafe, ABC GMA Studios, and lots more. This station complex is probably the largest in the system connecting 3 North/South trunk Lines and 2 cross-town lines.The IND 8th Ave 42nd Str-PABT Station is connected via a long corridor.
nyc-hr-sta-TimesSq-042705-01.jpg (78394 bytes)This colorful entrance is for Time Square, on 42nd street. The lights are very appropriate. (4/05) nyc-hr-sta-TimesSq-042705-02.jpg (71697 bytes)Another Times Square entrance, again note the lighting (4/05).
nyc-hr-sta-TimesSq-061904-01.jpg (57043 bytes)Next Train indicator at Times Square on the #7 Flushing platform. (6/19/04)  
nyc-hr-s-tsq-072602-01.jpg (369698 bytes)This train is on the curvy Times Square station. The track its on and the platform on the right was originally the express tracks. Times Sq was a local station with the platform on the left. (7/26/02) nyc-hr-Q-42nd-092702-01.jpg (324119 bytes)Q and a local Broadway train at 42nd St. (9/27/02)
nyc-hr-7-TS-061904-01.jpg (61636 bytes)Waiting for passengers at Times Square. (10/29/04) Looking at Track 4 of the Shuttle train at Times Square. (10/18/06)
Railfan excursion train on the #7 Platform at Times Square. (6/19/04) Glitzy 42nd St Entrance (10/02/13)
Stairs to the IRT Uptown platform (10/04/13) 7th Ave IRT line platform (10/04/13)
#1 Local arriving (10/04/13) 42nd Street entrance (10/04/13)
BMT train departing (10/04/13) Elevator on the BMT platform. The sign is outdated showing the "W" and the "9" train which were discontinued a few years ago (10/04/13)
Shuttle on track 3 (10/04/13) Looking at Track 4 from the pedestrian "bridge" (10/04/13)
#1 Train passing the Shuttle "pedestrian Bridge. This bridge can be removed for the train on Track 4 to go to out for maintenace. (10/04/13) Platform between tracks 1 & 3 (10/04/13)
Platform between tracks 1 & 3 (10/04/13) Waiting for the shuttle (10/04/13)
7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14) 7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14)
7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14) Concourse art (10/11/14)
7th Ave IRT station entrance(10/11/14) Street entrance (10/11/14)
#2 train arriving (12/4/17) Concourse art (12/4/17)
Crowd to the platform (12/4/17) Concourse art (10/24/15)
7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14) #1 train arrving (12/4/17)
Plaque (12/4/17) Concourse art (12/4/17)
th Ave IRT station (10/11/14) Concourse art (12/4/17)
Concourse art (12/4/17) Shuttle platform (12/4/17)
Shuttle platform (12/4/17) Shuttle platform (12/4/17)
7th Ave IRT station (12/4/174) 7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14)
7th Ave IRT station (10/11/14) Concourse art (10/24/15)
Concourse art (10/24/15) Concourse art (1024/15)
7th Ave IRT station (10/24/15)  7th Ave IRT station (10/24/15)
th Ave IRT station (10/24/15)  Concourse art (5/3/15)
Shuttle departing(10/23/15)  Shuttle platform (12/4/17)
Street Entrance (10/24/15)  Concourse art (10/24/15)


To: South Ferry

To: Van Cortlandt Pk/242nd St

34th St/Penn Station  50th Street 

To: Flatbush Ave

To: Wakefield-241st St

To: New Lots Ave

To: Harlem-148th St

34th St/Penn Station 72nd Street
To: Hudson Yards/34th St To: Flushing/Main St
Hudson Yards/34th Street  5th Avenue 
To: Times Square To: Grand Central
End of Line  Grand Central 
To: Coney Island To: Astoria/Ditmars Blvd
To: Bay Ridge/95th Street To: Forest Hills/71st Ave
 To: Whitehall St/South Ferry  To: Astoria/Ditmars Blvd
34th St/Herald Square   49th Street  
To: Coney Island To: 96th Street/2nd Ave
34th St/Herald Square  57th St/7th Avenue  

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