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The southern US is a growing section of the US. They to have turned to transit as a solution to the growing traffic problems. I have started the South at Virgina and worked my way southward.


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New  State City # of Photos New
Services Notes
  AR Fort Smith 0   This streetcar system serves the historic district.
  AR Little Rock 23   This is Heritage Streetcar system that opened in 2004
  FL Jacksonville 36   This monorail system serves as a downtown circulator.
Update FL Miami 126 88 City has an above ground "subway" complemented with a downtown circulator. Extensions are planned. Tri-Rail Commuter train service is looking at service expansion.
Update FL Orlando 173 41 You have SunRail Commuter line. Then there is the transportation network for Walt Disney Resort, including the famous Disney Monorail.


Tampa 73   The Teco Streetcar line is operational, with a push for expansion
  GA Atlanta 43   MARTA talks about expansion of their fine subway system. A  streetcar systemopened in 2014
  Ga Savannah 0   A short tourist line along the riverfront area using a Aussie car with an onboard generator. Current shut down.
  LA New Orleans 83   The famous St. Charles line has been joined with a remake of the Canal St Line. Don't forget to ride the Riverfront line amd the Desire line.
  NC Charlotte 81   This system has a growing light rail system
  TN Memphis 103   The Memphis Trolley utilizes heritage cars. After fires the system was shutdown. But re-opeend in 2018 only on Main Street. There is a plan to reopen the rest of the system.
  TN Nashville 0   In 2006 the Music City Star Commuter line is to open between Nashville & Lebanon.
  VA Norfolk 37   The Tide Light Rail
  WV Morgantown 0   This innovative people mover system serves a University.
Total 10 Cities Featured 778 129  


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