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This section deals with Oregon and Washington State only. Portland, Oregon has a lot to offer the rail transit aficionado. Light rail system, a modern streetcar line and a tourist trolley.

Seattle currently has a large trolley bus system and a tourist trolley. Light rail is under construction in the  Emerald City. 

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New  State City # of Photos New
Services Notes
  OR Astoria 5   This tourist line runs along the Columbia River, just one-block away from downtown Astoria.
  OR Eugene 10   BRT Eugene has a unique BRT system, especially for a small city
  OR Portland 852  
MAX has colors with the Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange & Green Lines. The Portland Streetcar is another great traction operation! WES Commuter Rail, and the OHSU tram rounds out Portland transit options.
  OR Salem 13   Bus Okay, there is no rail or electric transit system, but it is the home of the webmaster.
  WA Issaquah 10   A shorte little demotration troley line operates in downtown on an abandoned railroad right-of-way
  WA Seattle 493 143
Commuter service is running, Light Rail is running with extensions under construction. The monorail continues to operate and Seattle has a modern streetcar. Trolley buses make short work of Seattle's hills. Sadly the historic waterfront streetcar is no more.
  WA Tacoma 35   The Tacoma Link Light rail links the Dome to downtown, with extensions planned
WA Yakima 14 Former Yakima Interurban
Total 8 Cities 1432 143  


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