Facts and Figures

System Type Tourist Trolley
Year Opened
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 1
Stations 8
Gauge Std
Power Generator
Fare Media Cash
Website old300.org
Data Date 2004
1st Visit 9/2002
Last Visit 9/2002
% Rode 100%

US > Pacific NW Transit
Astoria, OR

astoria-090102-10.jpg (325919 bytes)

Riverfront Trolley

Astoria is at the NW corner of Oregon where the mighty Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. It use to be a busy city with fish canneries, but that is all gone, now its tourists. Astoria has a neat downtown, and paralleling downtown by the water is a tourist trolley. It runs on a former BNSF tracks. They have one car in use, San Antonio streetcar #300. #300 is owned by the San Antonio Art Museum and is leased to Astoria. The car is powered by a towed generator. The conductors on the car give a oral tour of the city and the history. This is a very nice ride!

astoria-090102-03.jpg (373458 bytes)# 300 is nearing its Western Terminal by the Red Lion Inn. That is the Astoria Bridge in the background. (9/2/02) astoria-090102-10.jpg (325919 bytes)A nice 3/4 view of 300/ (9/2/02)
astoria-090102-06.jpg (311201 bytes)Here the generator cart is in the lead along the waterfront. (9/2/02) astoria-090102-09.jpg (302206 bytes)The car here is on a wooden trestle that also serves pedestrians. (9/2/02)
astoria-090102-11.jpg (307629 bytes)Last view of the car, downtown Astoria is merely one block to the car's right. (9/2/02)

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