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Hudson Line

ny-cr-mn-sputyen-072602-02.jpg (612046 bytes)

Hudson Division

This is a very beautiful line hugging the Hudson River! It starts in Poughkeepsie. It head south to Croton-Harmon where 3rd rail electrification begins. At Spuyten Duyvil the track split. Amtrak crosses the Harlem Ship Canal and continues along the Hudson to Penn Station. Metro-North hugs the Harlem River until it joins with the Harlem and NH lines just south of Yankee Stadium. From there it crosses the river for the quick run to GCT.

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ny-cr-mn-sputyen-072602-03.jpg (590784 bytes)City bound train as seen from a Circle Line Boat. (7/26/02) ny-cr-mn-sputyen-072602-02.jpg (612046 bytes)City bound train at Spuyten Duyvil framed by the Henry Hudson Bridge (7/26/02)
nyc-cr-mn02.jpg (14134 bytes)FL-9 approaching Spuyten Duyvil Station in the Bronx. nyc-cr-mn03.jpg (18090 bytes)Same train with the coaches in tow and a cab car at the end.
nyc-cr-mn04.jpg (15760 bytes)These commuter cars are much older MU's then the M2's, at Spuyten Duyvil. nyc-cr-mn01.jpg (10766 bytes)Standard MU trains along the Harlem Ship Canal at Spuyten Duyvil.
nyc-cr-mn05.jpg (14391 bytes)Train coming out of the rock cut. On the river side of the rock cut a big "C" is painted for Columbia University. Sputen Duyvil (12/7/17)
Sputen Duyvil (12/7/17) Sputen Duyvil (12/7/17)
Marble Hill (12/7/17) Marble Hill (12/7/17)
Tarrytown (12/5/17) Tarrytown (12/5/17)
Tarrytown (12/5/17) Tarrytown (12/5/17)
Tarrytown (12/5/17) Tarrytown (12/5/17)
Tarrytown (12/5/17) mncr-fl9_01.jpg (45033 bytes)2 FL-9's in New Haven paint seen on the Hudson line at Tarrytown. These locomotives operate on 3rd rail along Park Ave. and diesel outside the tunnel. (1/97)
nyc-cr-mn06.jpg (15203 bytes)One of the newer dual-mode locomotive pushing a train at Tarrytown.  
Poughkeepise (12/6/17) Poughkeepise (12/6/17)

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