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German Transit 


Deutschland is another one of the great European transit countries. Nearly every city has a tram or metro network of varying size. The cities are then tied together with ICE high speed trains. I have only barely scrapped the surface in Germany! 


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New  City # of Photos New
Services Operators/Notes
Bad Schandau 31   This is basically a tourist tram running form Bad Schandau along the Elbe River up into the National PArk
  Berlin   21   The largest and oldest U-Bahn (or subway) is in Berlin. Since the wall has come down, the U-Bahn and the commuter S-Bahn systems again link east and west Berlin. The S-Bahn is still being re-constructed to its pre-war layout. The city is  extending the E. Berlin Strassenbahn network into the west side.
  Dortmund 4   This city in the Rhein/Ruhr area has placed most of it's tram lines in an underground subway, but is more like light rail then metro.
Dusseldorf 7   Coming soon: Dusseldorf is part of the Rhine-Ruhr hub of German manufacturing. It's airport is the 3rd busiest in Germany and is well connected via rail to the city.
Dresden   439   Dresden is a city that is undergoing changes since the unification of Germany. Dresden still retains its extremely large Strassenbahn network. The entire city is under re-construction. The tram lines are being renovated and re-equipped.
  Hamburg 31  
A neat system to visit is Hamburg. It has a tightly integrated U-Bahn/S-Bahn system. The U-Bahn is also called Hochbahn, which means elevated, or high road/way. When the system opened in 1912 a good portion of the line was elevated outside of city center.
  Hannover 6   Another Germany city moving trams to light rail subways. 


Munich 75   This Bavarian city has a highly coordinated transit system.  One of the nicest in Germany!
  Wuppertal 11   Wuppertal contains a unique rail system. A suspended Monorail system that runs mostly of the River Wupper and partially over a city street. It is noisy, but a fun operation to ride!
Total 6 Cities 617    


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