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Facts and Figures

Operator OVPS
System Type Tramway
Year Opened 1898
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 7.9 km
Gauge 1000 mm
Stations 9
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tkts 
Data Date 2012
1st Visit 6/2012
Last Visit 6/2012
% Rode 90%

Bad Schandau, Germany Transit


In this village on the Elbe River starts a tramway that climbs a hill to reach water falls and hiking trails in the National Park among the German "Alps" here. The tramway is single track with 2 passing sidings. Most of its length is it along one side of a narrow busy road. This can become troublesome when the tram is running counter direction to the lane it is in. It is a beautiful line. During my visit the last stop was closed due to road reconstruction, it was a short walk to the end of the line.  Trams run with one motor pulling two trailers. Since there was no reversing track at the temporary terminal a second motor would follow the train from the last passing siding, then couple to the train at Beuthenfall to pull it back down. The original motor uncoupled and followed the train back to the passing siding where it waited for the next outbound train to follow and start the process again. Very cool temporary operation.

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bullet Bad Scandau Stadtpark (10)
bulletBeuthenfall (6)
bulletLichtenhainer Wasserfall (6)
bulletDepot (4)
bulletCar Interior (5)
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