Childhood dog


Adopted: 1969?




Mark grew up in Brooklyn with Pepe, a mutt of a dog. Not sure where he came from or exactly when his parents adopted him. Mark’s Mom gave his Dad permission to get the dog as long as he took care of it, which according to Mom never really happened :). Pepe got some sort of injury/infection when he was young which caused him to lose his bark. So he was a quiet dog. Probably just as well since we lived in an apartment. 

When we needed to move out of Brooklyn, Pepe had to stay with my Aunt Joan as we were temporarily staying with my Aunt Helen. When we did get an apartment in Nyack, Pepe came back, but not for long as the apartments did not allow dogs.

I’m not sure exactly when Pepe went over the Rainbow Bridge. I know he had difficulty walking, and my aunt Joan lived in 2nd story walk-up in NJ at the time. 

He was a good dog to grow up with…