The Princess


Adopted: 1992


Ashes was the second cat in the house when we adopted her soon after we purchased the house from our landlady. She was the gray fuzzball.

She was one of those creatures, be careful what you wished for. Since we had Flame (dog) and Smokey (cat), when our daughter’s mother-in-law cat was pregnant, my wife asked for a gray cat to go with the theme so we could name it Ashes. Ashes did come into the world, by my wife forgot to specify its personality…

When my brother moved in,  Ashes quickly took to him. He called Ashes “the Princess”. So that is what she became. After my brother moved out, Ashes really did not attach to anyone else. until she turned 18 when she finally started acting like a cat around Cynthia.

She was definitely a princess. But, she had the most awful meow. It was more of a cackle. 

As she got very old, she got rather scrawny. But she did live a very long time for a cat. Her body though started shutting down. So at the age of 20, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.