US States A thru H Transit & Railway Museums

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Arizona: Phoenix 

 Phoenix Trolley Museum

6 photos

The museum retains a former Phoenix Trolley

California: Los Angeles

Travel Town

8 Photos

A bunch of old railway equipment located withing Griffith Park

California: Rio Vista


Western Railway Museum

18 Photos

One of the largest trolley and Interurban museums in the US with a long mainline for operation.

California: Sacramento


California State Railroad Museum

4 Photos

A world-class museum meant for history buffs, railfans and families.

California: San Francisco

Cable Car Museum

2 photos

Located in the operating cable powerhouse, it features the history of the venerable cable cars.

California: San Jose

 San Jose History Park

10 photos

Tisi history park features a trolley line

California: Sunol

Niles Canyon Railway

4 photos

A great little operating museum located in the Bay Area

Colorado: Boulder

 Colorado Railroad Museum

Coming Soon

This museum has a large collection of narrow gauge trains.

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Colorado: Colorado Springs


Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway Foundation

7 Photos

This small museum located in Colorado Springs has a collection of PCCs and other trolleys restoring them to operation.

Colorado: Denver

 Forney Museum of Transportation

6 Photos

This museum has a lot of different transportation times on display, including a Foreny locomotive.

Connecticut: Bradford


Shoreline Trolley Museum

10 Photos

A great trolley museum just outside of New Haven, A must stop for any trolley/subway fan.

Connecticut: Windsor Locks

Connecticut Trolley Museum

4 Photos

A fun trolley museum just north of hartford.