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Facts and Figures

Operator Prague
System Type Tram
Year Opened 1875
# of Lines 30
# of Cars 900+
Mileage 140.9 km
Gauge Std (1435mm)
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tickets
Data Date 2012
1st Visit 6/2012
Last Visit 6/2012
% Rode 15%

Prague Transit


Prague has one of the largest and densest tram systems in the world. Routes seem to go in all directions. Some sections 5 routes on it. There are intersections where trams turn in nearly every direction. I have barely scrapped the surface on this huge system! Trams are a great way to see the city. During summer months on weekends the Prague Transport Museum even runs a tram line, #91 from the museum into central city.

Choose your station (Note routes are as of June 2012)

New Station Photos Routes
  Andĕl 12 4,6,7,9,10,12,14,16,20
  Hradčanská 4 1,8,18,20,25,26
  Husinecká 1 5,9,26
  Karlovo Námĕstí 3 3,6,18,21,22,24
  Karlovy Láznĕ 3 17,18
  Lazarská 2 3,9,14,24
  Malostranská 12 12,18,20,22
  Malostranské Námĕstí 5 12,20,22
  Masarykovo Nádraží 3 3,5,14,24,26
  Pražský Hradčanská 1 22
  Staromĕstská 3 17,18
  ύjezd 2 6,9,12,20,22
  Vodičkova 2 3,9,14,24
  Vozovna Střešovice 7 1,2,18
  Výstavištĕ 3 5,17

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