Facts and Figures

Operator UTA
System Type Streetcar
Year Opened 2013
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 2 miles
Gauge Standard
Stations 7
Power Overhead
Fare Media Tickets
Website UTABUS
Data Date 2014
1st Visit 2013
Last Visit 2019
% Rode 100%

US Transit > Central > Salt Lake City
S-Line Streetcar


This is a new line in Salt Lake. During building and planning it was called the Sugarhouse streetcar. So called because it runs through the Sugarhouse neighborhood. When the line opened in late 2013 it was named the S-Line.

It connects with the TRAX Light Rail Line at Central Pointe Station. IT then turns onto a former Railroad Right-of-Way towards the Sugar house district. The line is mostly single-track. The equipment are Siemens S70 similar to the S70 Low-Floor car on the TRAX line, but with no couplers, and designed for slower speeds.

(6/6/21) (6/6/21)
(2/21/19) (2/21/19)
(2/21/19) (2/21/19)
(2/21/19) (2/21/19)
(2/21/19) (2/21/19)
Line crossing West Temple looking East (5/30/13) Line crossing West Temple looking West (5/30/13)
Crossing State Street (5/30/13) Near S 6th E (5/30/13)
Crossing S 6th St E (5/30/13) Entering the Fairmont Stop, the temporary terminal when the line opened in 2013. (5/30/13)
Fairmont Stop (5/30/13) Fairmont stop (5/30/13)
Not exactly sure where this photo is. (5/30/13) (6/6/21)

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