Facts and Figures

Operator Valley Metro Rail
System Type Light Rail
Year Opened 2008
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 28.2 miles
Gauge Std
Stations 38
Power Overhead
Data Date 2021
1st Visit 1/2006
Last Visit 2/2019
% Rode 90%

US Transit > Central > Phoenix
Light Rail


The system starts north of downtown PHX, then runs down Central Ave to downtown. From there it heads east skirt the edge of the airport before landing in Tempe by ASU. The line then continues down Apache Blvd ending in the city of Mesa.

For a sprawling region with low population density, this light rail system has done well, with expansions underway.



New Station Right-of Way Direction Photos New
  North Phoenix
19th Ave/Dunlap Private Both 14 14
Northern 19th Ave Both 4 4
Glendale 19th Ave Both 6 6
Montebello 19th Ave Both 5 1
  19th Ave/Camelback Camelback Both 2  
  7th Ave Camelback Both 1  
  Camelback/Central Private Both 4  
  Central Ave
  Campbell Central Ave Both 2  
Indian School Central Ave Both 6 6
  Osborn Central Ave Both 2  
  Thomas Central Ave Both 3  
  Encanto Central Ave Both 1  
  McDowell Central Ave Both 1  
  Roosevelt Central Ave Both 6  
  Central Phoenix
  Van Buren-Central Station First Ave S/E 1  
  Van Buren-Central Station Central Ave N/W 3  
  Jefferson First Ave S/E 4  
  Washington Central Ave N/W 8  
  3rd Street-Stadiums Jefferson St S/E 2  
  3rd Street-Convention Ctr Washington St N/W 3  
  Washington St-East Phoenix
  Turnback track Eleventh Ave Both 1  
  12th Street Jefferson St S/E 4  
  12th Street Washington St N/W 4  
24th Street Jefferson St S/E 1 1
24th Street Washington St N/W 6 2
  38th Street-Gateway CC Washington St Both 5  
  44th Street-Airport Washington St Both 8  
50th Street Washington St Both 4 4
Shops and Yards Private Both 16 2
City of Tempe
  Priest Dr-Papago Park Washington St Both 6  
  Center Pkwy Washington St Both 3  
  Tempe Town Lake Bridge Private Both 9  
  Mill Ave Third St Both 8  
  Veterans Way/ Sun Devils Stadium Private Both 8  
  University Dr/Rural Road Private Both 6  
  Apache Blvd
  Dorsey Lane Apache Blvd Both 1  
  McClintock Apache Blvd Both 4  
  Smith-Martin Apache Blvd Both 2  
Price/101 Freeway Apache Blvd Both 12 6
  City of Mesa
  Sycamore Main St Both 6  
Alma School Main St Both 8 8
Country Club Main St Both 6 6
Center Main St Both 14 14
Mesa Dr Main St Both 17 17
Stapley Main St Both 4 4
Gilbert Road Main St Both 4 4



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