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The City of Brotherly Love has a lot to offer for the transit fan, from subways, trolleys and electrified commuter rail.

The Broad St. Subway (Orange) is 4 tracks like NY on its northern end, 2 tracks on its southern half. It also has the Ridge St. Spur.  The Market-Frankford El (Blue) has beautiful El portions with a subway through City Center. 

Philly has a moderate sized streetcar/light rail system. The system consists of the Subway-Surface routes of West-Philly. Route-15 Girard line is now running again with modern PCC's. Route-23, thru Central City runs very intermittently for special occasions. Philly also maintains former interurban lines radiating out of 69th Street in Upper Darby, including the famous Norristown P&W Line.

PATCO is Philly's other subway. It uses a part of the old Philly Broad St., Ridge St. spur to Locust St. and the old Bridge Line on the Ben Franklin Bridge. It became PATCO in 1969 when the line was extended to Lindenwold. It is designed for high speed and uses automation.

On top of this Philly has electric trolley busses as well as an extensive electrified commuter rail system.

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