Facts and Figures

Operator NCTD
System Type Commuter
Year Opened
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 30
Mileage 82 Miles
Gauge Standard
Stations 8
Power Diesel
Website SD Public Transit
Data Date 2002
1st Visit 1/2001
Last Visit 7/2009
% Rode 0%

California Transit > San Diego
Coaster Commuter Rail

san-cr05.jpg (151929 bytes)

The Coaster

San Diego maintains a commuter rail line dubbed The Coaster. It operates along the old Santa Fe Surf line between Oceanside and San Diego. 

It shares two stations with Amtrak, 2 stations with the San Diego Trolley and one station with LA's Metrolink. It uses the  commuter rail "standard" GO type tri-level cars.

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san-cr10.jpg (411017 bytes)Train in the early morning hours at Santa Fe Station. (02/01 dig.) san-cr11.jpg (305570 bytes)Train seen going to the San Diego Trolley yards for the day. (03/01 dig.)
san-cr13.jpg (321672 bytes)Same train going to the yards passing the Trolley Seaport Village station. (02/01 dig.) san-cr07.jpg (199719 bytes)The 5:20 pm train is entering San Diego Station. (1/01 dig.)
san-cr05.jpg (151929 bytes)Same train awaiting the evening rush hour commuters. (1/01 dig.) san-cr06.jpg (180902 bytes)The other side of the same train. (1/01 dig.)
san-lr20.jpg (186456 bytes)Amtrak train to LA, the Coaster and the San Diego Trolley are all in view here (1/01 dig.) san-cr02.jpg (206769 bytes)The 4:50 pm leaving San Diego heading to Oceanside. (1/01 dig.)
Train at Old Town (7/2/09) Trains meet at Old Town (7/2/09)
At Old Town (7/2/09)  

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