Facts and Figures

System Type Tram
Year Opened 2009
# of Lines 1
# of Cars
Mileage 10 km
Gauge Single rail
Stations 15
Power Overhead
Fare Media IC Cards
Data Date 2014
1st Visit 4/2014
Last Visit 4/2014
% Rode 90%
China Transit > Shanghai
Zhangjiang Tram

This tram line is very odd as it rund on rubber tires guided by a single steel rail. It uses the French Translohr system. Outwardly it looks like a traditional modern light rail line. The cars are similar and it used overhead wires. But when you look at the payment, there are two parallel surfaces for the rubber tires to run on, and a single rail in the center that acts as a ground return and guides the car along the way.

The line connects with the Line 2 metro in two locations. IT connects business parks and residential areas. There is no English on these trams as it is not meant for tourists. But if you have an IC Card, adn you can figure out the Chinese characters a tram fan can ride this line without an issue as I did.

There is consideration for expansion, but I don't know the timeline.

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The Shanghai Science & Technolgy terminal stop. The building on the left is the old Line 2 station of the same name. Line 2 is now underground and a further walk then this convenient transfer spot. (4/22/14) The terminal stop platform. This station is a stub 2-track terminal (4/22/14)
Tram arriving, it actually unloaded passengers before entering the terminal stop (4/22/14) The single rail guidewya does use swtich points to move the car between the trackways. (4/22/14)
Car interior (4/22/14) Car interior, note that the car is very narrow (4/22/14)
Tram leaving Zuchongzhi Road Statiion, a shor walk to the Guanglan Road station on Line 2 of the Metro. (4/22/14) Tram departing (4/22/14)
Zuchongzhi Road station platform (4/22/14) Zuchongzhi Road station platform (4/22/14)

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