Facts and Figures

Operator Shanghai Maglev
System Type Maglev
Year Opened 2002
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 2 trains
Mileage 30.5 km
Gauge Guideway
Stations 2
Power Maglev
Fare Media Tickets
Data Date 2014
1st Visit 4/2014
Last Visit 4/2014
% Rode 100%
China Transit > Shanghai

Shanghai Maglev Train logo.svgThe Shanghai Maglev is the first commerical passenger Maglev system in the world. IT is a very fast train linking Pudong Airport to Longyang Road just a short metro ride away from the Pudong High Rise district and downtown Shanghai.

It is a must ride for anyone visiting Shanghai. It's top speed is 431 km/h. But is only does it for a few minutes before is slows down for the next station. It also only operates at that top spped during certain intervals during the day so as to keep the noise levels down for neighbors along the right-of-way during the morning and evening hours.

The trains are very wide and comfortable for the mere 8 minute journey between the two terminal stations. It would be great to extend it, but it is very expensive to operate. The line is 2 tracks, but the two guideways never cross, so the 2 trains are isolated from each other, no chance of collisions.

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Train boarding at Pudong International Airport (4/20/14) Hitting the maxium speed, 431 kmh going from the airport to Longyang Road (4/20/14)
As viewed from my hotel at the Ramada Inn at Pudong Airport (4/20/14) As viewed from my hotel at the Ramada Inn at Pudong Airport (4/20/14)
As viewed from my hotel at the Ramada Inn at Pudong Airport (4/20/14) Train interior, very wide (4/20/14)
At Longyang Road Terminal (4/20/14) At Longyang Road Terminal (4/20/14)
Train departing Longyang Road (4/20/14) Longyand Road station canopy (4/27/14)
The Maglev guideway at Longyang Road (4/27/14) Hitting maximum speed of 432 kmh going from Longyang Road to the Airport (4/27/14)
Pudong International Airport Station (4/27/14) The red eye is staring at me at Pudong Internation Airport Station (4/27/14)

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