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The Ghost of Nyack
Ghost Update

1lavetaplace1.jpg (452904 bytes)Helen did find a buyer for the house and moved to Florida in 1991. It was not easy moving. She wished the ghosts would move with her, but they did not. 

Around 1993 Helen was contacted by a paranormal researcher from Portland, Oregon. He was interested in the house and had a friend who had already communicated with her former roommates in Nyack. Helen went out to visit our family here in Oregon and arranged to meet with the researcher, Bill Merrill. She also met the channeler, Glenn Johnson. 

They were able to contact two ghosts from the Nyack residence from a location in Southern Oregon. One ghost called himself Sir George, the other called herself Margaret. The ghosts stated that it wasn't as much fun in the house since the Ackley's moved out. It is true that the eventual buyers played down the haunting, and did not want the ghosts. Anyway, the ghosts went on to explain various parts of history of the area along the Hudson between Nyack and Upper Nyack and Hook Mountain. Later Historians in Rockland County checked out the recounting and most of it held up, or could easily be true. The facts presented were highly obscure, and not readily available. In one meeting with the ghosts, they stated that they were to board and it was time to move on. So just maybe the Ghost of Nyack is no more...

In 1995, Bill and Glenn published a book about these events. It is entitled: Sir George, The Ghost of Nyack by Bill Merrill & Glenn Johnson (Deer Publishing, Beaverton, OR). The book is a little slow and cumbersome to read, but it is fascinating and can bring some doubt to non-believers. If you just want quick stories about the house, obtain a reprint of the May 1977 Reader's Digest. If you want to be intrigued, and can read through some dull material, the book is for you. 

In 2003, Helen Ackley passed away. I am laying odds that Helen is back at 1 LaVeta Place again!

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Ghost of Nyack: Background; Court Case; Update

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