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Universal Studios Florida consists of 2 park. Studios and Isles of Adventure. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has two different section, Hogsmead at Islaes and Diagon Alley in The Studios. Universal decided to connect the two seciton with a Hogwarts Express. The train leaves from "Kings Cross" in "London" and travels to Hogsmead, just like in the books and movies.

Teh train is very good a illusion. The train is not actually steam, but is cable hualed. There are 2 trains that pass each other in the middle. Although passgners never see this happen with the immersive window projections. Also the train operate with the engine forward in one direction, and backwards in the other.

You will need a park hopper ticket to ride. But it is worth it if you plan to spend at least 2 days in the parks,

Kings Cross station entrance (About half the width of the real things, but still well done (1/6/17) A solari flip departure board, that does work. (1/7/17)
Kings Cross at night (1/6/17) Platform 9 3/4 (1/6/17)
In the queue there are steam vents in the ceiling, a nice little detail. (1/7/17) Hogwarts Express (1/7/17)
Station platform (1/7/17) Station platform (1/7/17)
Immersive queue (1/7/17) Immersive queue (1/7/17)
Station platform (1/6/17) Train tender (1/6/17)
Travel posters (1/7/17)  

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