Facts and Figures

Operator The
System Type Heritage Trolley
Year Opened 2002
# of Lines 1
# of Cars 1
Power Battery
Fare Media None
Data Date 2004
1st Visit 3/2004
Last Visit 3/2004
% Rode 100%

US West > Los Angeles Transit
The Grove Trolley

lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-09.jpg (733332 bytes)

LA Farmers Market

The Los Angeles Farmers Market is an old institution. Recently it went upscale. A new outdoor shopping mall called The Grove, opened right next door. It is a nice shopping area, like a suburban mall, but with no roof. 

The developer built a streetcar line to connect one end of The Grove and its parking structure, to the entrance of the Farmers Market. It can't be much more than 100 feet long. The car used is a custom built double-decker. It propulsion is electricity drawn from batteries on the car. The batteries are charged inductively at the "carbarn" stop.

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lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-09.jpg (733332 bytes)View of the car at the Grove end of the line, the car barn is behind the car. (3/17/04) lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-11.jpg (754473 bytes)This view is at the Farmer's Market end of the line. (3/17/04)
lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-04.jpg (357634 bytes)The line only road crossing, complete with a wig-wag signal. (3/17/04) lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-07.jpg (571117 bytes)This photo was taken from the upper deck showing the shopping mall. It looks like there is a provision for a passing track to be added, but it is not required since there is only one car. (3/17/04)
lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-10.jpg (740144 bytes)The control area. Simple controls, one handle, three positions, Power, Brake, Off. (3/17/04) lax-ht-farmmkt-031704-01.jpg (836317 bytes)A view of the car going through the shopping area. (3/17/04)

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